You gotta love Chris Christie. You have no choice..

This latest video has him arguing with an irate teacher – what is infuriating about her response, is the automatic reset to the tiresome mantra of, “teachers do it because they love it … that’s the only reason I do it”. If she wasn’t a teacher, I would question why she wasn’t bright enough to see the obvious non sequitur here. If the only reason you do it is because you love it, then why are you so adamant that you get paid way beyond what people with similar qualifications get in the private sector, and contribute similarly to your benefits?

I am so sick and tired of hearing teachers whine as if they are the most selfless, tortured sacrifices of our society, and as if they are the most important, just because they have charge of the education of children. Maybe if they did half a decent job instead of leaving kids woefully unprepared for any job that doesn’t include wearing a funny oversized hat and serving fried foods, it would be reasonable to pay them what we are already.

I hope the state of New Jersey is bright enough to understand the common sense solutions that Governer Christie is proposing, and that they support him. Maybe he can be an example to the rest of the nation’s politicians….

Draw Muhammed Day!


Now I want to be clear that this is not Muhammed, the prophet, peace be upon him, but Muhammed, a Zoroastrian, who just happens to be named Muhammed. He says praise Allah because he is confused from smoking opium. Am I getting the spirit of the day correct?

In the Koran, Muhammed the Prophet, peace be upon him, dreamt one day that he took a trip to heaven while riding some animal called the Al-Buroq,  that looked like a donkey-horse, with wings. It took him to meet Jesus and Moses, and all the prophets of Allah in heaven. This is called the Night Journey. But this cartoon isn’t about that at all. It’s about.. some guy.. named Muhammed who.. uh.. rides this white horse-donkey thing that talks and.. oh screw it. Someone come up with a crackhead story to match this…

BREAKING: Terrorists Massacre 12 Employees of French Newspaper That Published ‘Offensive’ Muhammed Cartoon

Leftist Constitutional Interpretation

This was inspired by Michael Medved on his radio show, as he jokingly described the contortions that our liberal friends will put themselves through in order to justify whatever progressive cause they want to impose on the American people.

I remember being taught in High School that the Constitution was a “living breathing document”, when this is a particular understanding of the Constitution, but by no means the only one. Were the founders so godlike that they foresaw every possible issue that might come up in the life of a country? No. That’s not a reasonable claim.

Rather, the claim is that they founded the country on principles springing from a wise understanding of history and of human nature. We should solve our political issues in light of the Constitution, not adapt the Constitution to fit what we wish to do. And, most of all, we should start by reading it the same way that the founders wrote it! How novel!

America Pediatrician Association Approves Genital Mutilation

The American Association of Pediatrics has chosen to support a less gruesome form of female genital mutilation practiced by many Muslim countries. They argue that this it to keep those families from going to their country of origin in order to have more drastic forms of mutilation – while this does seem somewhat reasonable, doesn’t it make more sense that those who really want to do it will go there anyway?

NO form of female genital mutilation should be allowed in the United States. It is barbaric and sadistic. Any concession to this practice is a tacit acceptance of it, and will inevitably lead to more allowances.

I urge every American (and anyone else) that finds unacceptable the accommodation of this evil practice to call this organization and let them know what you think about it…

National Headquarters:
The American Academy of Pediatrics
141 Northwest Point Boulevard
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007-1098
847/434-8000 (Fax)
  Washington, DC Office:
The American Academy of Pediatrics
Department of Federal Affairs
601 13th Street, NW
Suite 400 North
Washington, DC 20005 USA
202/393-6137 (Fax)




Swastika Frijoles

This is from the much celebrated event (by me, anyway), of the smearing of a swastika on the Arizona capital windows in the shape of a swastika.

Never has Latino cuisine been used for political commentary in such a gleeful and clever fashion.

In this spirit, I offer the following image:

 Here’s more from AZ Family:

Investigators are looking into a case of vandalism at the state Capitol, sparked by the newly signed anti-illegal-immigration law.

Capitol police arrived on the scene at about 6 a.m., after a swastika was found smeared on the glass doors of the House and Senate buildings.

While it first looked like mud on the doors, it turned out be refried beans.

On the sidewalk, beans were used to write “AZ=Nazi,” again with a swastika.

It’s not clear when exactly the vandalism happened, but police believe it was some time overnight.

“That is what happens when there is so much fear and there is so much disappointment,” said Gustavo Ramirez, a protester from California. “The laws that have been passed, they are Nazi laws. They are not considering humanity. They are a crime against humanity.”

Ramirez said while he does not support the new law, vandalism is not the way to make a statement.

How can you not like Swastika Frijoles?
Answer: you can’t.

T-shirts available. You racist.

UPDATE: the tshirt is no longer available, as zazzle deems it too in-politically correct for them… fascists.

Oh well. Who’s gonna wear this design anyway?!?!

More Swastika-related news:

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