You Ain’t Got the Keys to the Republic Anymore, Barack!

You gotta give it to Barack Obama – he is a consummate showman. He knows how to run a crowd. You don’t need wisdom and good sense to have charisma – in fact, often the opposite qualities of obliviousness and ignorance help the narcissistic kind of charisma. But I digress. He has chosen his cutting, incisive words well – he mocks the conservatives confidently, much to the glee of his supporters.

The problem is that the proportion of his supporters shrinks every day. He may delight his dwindling crowds of drooling supporters, but he simply doesn’t produce any results. I believe if he continues on this course, he will make things much worse for himself, and set the GOP up for even greater success in the November elections.

Confidence helps when things are going well, and you can take credit (whether you deserve it or not), and confidence even helps when things are going badly, but you can blame… someone else (we miss you dubya!!!). However, when things are in the crapper, and you’ve been in power for two years, people tend to start demanding results, boy, results.

So keep taunting us, Barack Obama. It will be that much sweeter when we rub it in your face on November 3rd, and take back the presidency in 2012…

video of empty suit-in-chief below my cartoon…..
bho elephant