What Can Brown Do For YOU?! Nothing, unless you’re a UNION!

I listened to the Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown debate with John and Ken on KFI serving up their incendiary commentary.  J&K had plenty of vitriol reserved for both, but especially Jerry Brown. At one point, after Meg accused him of being too close to the Unions, he made the comment, “well, we’re not joined at the hip!” Immediately I got the vision of Jerry Brown bursting forth from the belly of a beastly Union thug, like Quatto spewing forth from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s chest in that great movie, TOTAL RECALL! Enjoy!

Support Paladino! Or He’ll Break Your FACE!

Carl Paladino has got to be one of my favorite candidates this year.

Paladino really reflects the attitude and culture of upstate New York in contradistinction to New York City, which has had a chokehold on state politics for so long. His short, curt, sardonic way of speaking is refreshing, and I think people are really responding to bold, clear, if somewhat controversial, speech. He proclaims himself a true conservative, and has laid out his plans for cutting government and allowing the free market to bring prosperity back to New York.

He ALSO has a cool little video Paladino that comes out of nowhere on his website– like a Jedi! Like a Ninja!

So, to show your support, display your own ANGRY CARL PALADINO PaperFigure! Have him attack your socialist liberal friends with his bat of angry justice!! Make a few and leave them in whatever public space you think undecided voters might congregate – laundromats, your basement, your local drugstore!!

Also, donate money to his campaign and volunteer for Angry Carl HERE!

If you’d like your own PAPERDINO, for FREE, Click HERE YOU LUCKY SCHMUCK!!

Court orders firm to use minority lawyers

Follow the links for articles reporting that a NY judge ordered a firm to have minority and women lawyers on a certain case.

Is it really necessary to have absolute representation in terms of race and gender? This is why I love the America of conservatives and not the new progressive America that liberals are making it into – in my America, I am valued as a citizen apart from my race, and my views are judged absolutely according to one standard. In fact, aren’t those supporting minority representation  implicitly stating that there’s something essentially different about minorities if we can’t represent each other even in a law case?! My gorge rises at it.

As described here and here.

I Survived the 2010 GOP Primary PURGE!

A prediction about this election that I can say is absolutely true – if the teaparty candidates win, the GOP establishment will not learn the lesson that the Teaparty is trying to teach them, and argue that it was a fluke that they succeeded.

IF the Teaparty candidates DON’T win, the Teaparty will not learn the lesson that the GOP establishment has been trying to teach them, and argue that it was a fluke that they failed.

The best results we can get from the election is that the Teaparty candidates WIN – because if they don’t, we lose some seats, but more than that, the GOP establishment will retrench itself in looking for moderates and being more center-right than right-of-center.  So GET BEHIND YOUR TEAPARTY CANDIDATES!!

and if you’d like a t-shirt with this image, I am at your service!!!

Maurice Hinchey: Both of his two-faces are crazy!

Maurice Hinchey is the incumbent representative for New York’s 22nd district, a tortured district that wraps through different parts of upstate NY in order to gerrymander out the influence of Conservative votes. Thank God we have a really strong candidate this year, when the tide is turning towards our side.

Here are some of Maurice Hinchey’s greatest hits:

1)  He thinks that George Bush purposely let Osama Bin Laden escape so that he could murder Iraqis!

2) He used pictures of his visits to Cuba to meet with Castro as campaign material – he seriously thought this would HELP him get elected!!

3) He advocated the gov’t illegally seizing oil companies – maybe a tip he heard from his buddy Castro?

4) He voted AGAINST sanctions on Iran to persuade them to stop developing nukes and destabilizing the Middle East!

And if his political platform doesn’t offend you – there are the corruption accusations…

It makes you wonder – does he draw headlines for corruption in order to draw attention from his insane political opinions, or the other way around?!

Incredible. Even so, Maurice Hinchey has more name recognition and a lot of money behind him. This was considered a safe seat for the Democrats until George Phillips, the Republican contender raised more money in the first quarter.

George Phillips is a believer in traditional conservative values of America – Support him today!!!