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Birth of a NeoSocialist Movement – the TEAT PARTY!

The leftist socialist commie hippy bastards struck back at the teaparty today! The result was so pathetic, it only emboldened my belief that our conservative candidates will destroy the left this November.

While tweeting my sarcastic bon mots (I had to look up what that means..) a fellow tweeter made the most brilliant observation – he said, we could call the  one nation crew the “Teat Party.”

After praising the wit, I determined to draw this cartoon… I had a sandwich first, but after that, I finished it! Here it is!!!

teat party-new

I do hope they use my drawing as a logo for their emerging and very important grassroots movement. Nothing is more important than demanding more entitlement spending from the government – not fighting against those who vow to destroy us, not defending our allies from nuclear-armed madmen, not keeping the economic engine of the world from bankrupting, NO! Nothing is more important than the hope that pot-smoking degenerate fornicating hippies from the sixties get more handouts, and that the character of America’s children is so diminished that they too, in time, are begging for welfare.

Praise Obama!!

special thanks to VTConservative1 on twitter for providing my inspiration!!


Many thanks to all the wonderful conservative friends who have complimented my cartoon! I even had someone request a t-shirt version, so I thought I’d give everyone a chance to buy it.

If you’d like a revision, let me know! I’m more than willing to do some customization of the image.. thanks again!!

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Four years later it looks like the image is floating around without my logo. If you see it around, please let them know to credit me and use the image with my logo on it:

Thanks for your help!