Political Parties

When Glorillas Attack!!

The political assault on Meg Whitman (AKA housekeepergate) is one of the most cynical and transparent stunts in modern political history. Does Gloria Allred really care about Nicky as we are all led to believe? I doubt it very much. She saw Nicky as the best wedge between the GOP and the Hispanic vote in California, and seized upon her like a jackal on a small woodland animal. Does it matter that Nicky illegally forged documents in order to get a job that pays almost than three times the CA minimum wage, and much more than most Americans get paid? No.

What matters to the Glorilla is that, in her own words, Meg is rich and powerful. So she must be in the wrong – the assumption of the Left is that no matter what sins or crimes someone commits, their guilt or innocence depends on their socio-economic status and skin color.

That’s just the conclusion you can make from Allred’s own statements. Does anyone really believe that she cares about Nicky or is she just a stepping stone on the way to securing a Brown governorship (pun intended), and defeating the hated conservative? I am willing to put money on the prediction that once this election is all over, we’ll never hear about Nicky again – she’s just a tool to be used by the Left…

Further – given that Meg did nothing legally wrong, and that the supposed “smoking gun” letter the Glorilla produced actually gives more cause to Meg’s argument, this stunt shows what the Democrats really believe about Hispanics. They think we’re too stupid to follow a line of reasoning that might lead to the innocence of a conservative. They truly think that we care more about identifying with a false victim than the rule of law. If they didn’t, they would not have even attempted this laughably idiotic strategem.

I hope they’re wrong.

Another observation to be made is the conniving nature of Nicky in the matter – just where did that letter come from? Was she holding on to this evidence for 6 years in order to someday use it against her employer? Why else would she have held onto it? If she’s already illegal, then the document would not help her cause at all unless it was intended to be used as some sort of blackmail against her employer,  whom she now acts as if she loved and was betrayed by.

Nicky says she was treated horribly by Meg for nine years, and in the next breath says she was shocked, shocked I tell you, to have been fired and treated “as if [she] was not a human being”. Truly, she has read up on her socialism, as she betrays the very progressive (and not very Mexican) ideal that the employee is entitled to a job. That aside – why was she so surprised to have been supposedly misused after nine years of mistreatment? This story smells worse than Mexican cheese (but doesn’t taste as good).

There are signs that the American public isn’t buying into this kind of political thuggery and bullying anymore. The race-card is losing it’s power, and the class warfare tactics fail in the face of very obvious problems eroding American prosperity through over-spending and over-taxing.

Let’s hope my Latino homies are on board with what the rest of America is seeing past…

(almost forgot! While I came up with the “Glorilla” nickname for Gloria, the “Glorilla Attack” title was a clever response from  tjking on Twitter)