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The Abortion Statue of Moral Poverty


I believe that abortion is a moral stain on the face of an otherwise virtuous and good country. It is the equivalent of slavery in our age, and in many respects, much worse than that “peculiar institution”. There is something very evil about punishing and coldly murdering the children that are a natural consequence of our inability to control our lusts.

This image is inspired by the very apt description of this moral outrage byArchbishop Timothy Dolan, who says, “New York does not deserve the gravestone ‘Abortion capital of the world.’ Our boast is the Statue of Liberty, not the Grim Reaper.”

I pray that this great evil that weighs so heavily on the conscience of our nation will be quickly remedied. Otherwise, like Thomas Jefferson considering the evils of slavery:
“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just,
that His justice cannot sleep forever.”

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and an excellent post by Greg W Howard, outlining the philosophical background to early pro-abortion activists

If you want to know more about the pro-life organization behind this announcement, and more chilling awful facts about abortions in New York City, click on the image below to visit their site.