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YOO says TeaParty and House vote helps SCOTUS overturn ObaMarxCare

The common line in the media is that the Teaparty furor over ObaMarxCare is overwrought and driven by racism. When the House GOP reps vote against Obama’s Health Bill, the left calls it empty political theater that won’t affect anything. Add a third cause of bilious vitriol against those states that are challenging the constitutionality of the bill in court.

Are all of these efforts merely the acts of fools, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing?

Not so, says preeminent constitutional scholar, John Woo, the equally reviled lawyer notorious [on the left] for writing the famous but poorly named “torture memo” while at the Bush era Dept of Justice.

While saying that he wishes it weren’t so, Yoo identifies that the Supreme Court is often influenced by news headlines, views and actions of American opinion outside the court doors. In this way, the very vocal and colorfully attired opposition to ObamaCare by the TeaParty, and the fulfilling of the promise to vote to repeal it by the House Republicans both will help make it easier for the Supreme Court to overturn ObaMarxCare if and when the state case comes before it.

This is why the liberal left is so terrified by the actions of the right, and we should see efforts to shut up the TeaParty (good luck), ridicule the GOP repeal vote (half successful), and slow the process of the judicial objections until after the 2012 election…

Here’s the video, John Yoo’s comments start at about 7:00 mins in.

The Uncommon Knowledge videos are highly recommended by the way.

And for those seeking Conservative Porn, watch John Yoo twist Jon Stewart around while explaining his role in defining interrogation techniques for the Bush Administration.