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The left has made all sorts of ridiculous claims about the protest in Wisconsin against Scott Walker’s plan to bring some fiscal responsibility and sanity to their budget problems. In an attempt to combat this, I’ve put together the following factsheet… arm yourselves with the truth, and shoot some new-tone holes in your enemies!

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Inspired by This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Union
Soon to draw up a response to: this CRAP!

SOme Sources as cited:

Walker Releases WI Public Sector Benefits’ Costs

Oh, To be a Teacher in Wisconsin! – Wall Street Journal

Info from www.UsGovernmentSpending.com

and… Teacher Salary Info

Tim Conway Jr. Destroys a Union-defending teacher

This is a great clip from the Tim Conway Jr. Show on KFI, a talk radio station in Los Angeles. He took calls about teacher unions, and this woman called in to defend teachers. With every word she uttered she betrayed the contempt with which they hold the rest of us, non-educators, and how entitled they are to every benefit they could possibly demand. It’s about seven minutes, and worth listening to…

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Tim Conway Jr on KFI 640AM-Los Angeles, destroying a teacher about unions

Click on Tim’s Mug to learn more about his show – very funny guy, son of the famous comedian by the same name! Listen to his show! It’s good stuff!