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$350k for Obama 2012

Interesting news from Obama’s campaign for 2012.

In the Chicago Sun-Times, Lynn Sweet reports that donors are being asked to up the ante from last year’s historic donation sums in order to secure Obama’s second term. The price tag would be $350k from each donor, in an attempt to raise a whopping $750 million for his campaign.

Sweet writes, of Obama’s campaign manager, Jim Messina:

Messina has been saying he is worried that outside GOP allied groups — especially ones that GOP strategist Karl Rove advises — will be running ads early on.

Earlier in March, a Rove-advised group, Crossroads GPS, spent $750,000 in one-week for an anti-union national cable buy slamming Obama. These early spots will be Obama hits masquerading as “issue” ads, trying to soften up Obama while the many GOP presidential contenders fight it out in their primaries.

Because of the outside money threat, the Obama team, which discouraged independent spending for Obama in 2008, is open to it in 2012. Two trusted former White House staffers are exploring creation of such a group to counter Rove: Sean Sweeney, who was chief of staff for Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel when he was Obama’s chief of staff, and former deputy press secretary Bill Burton.

Good Old Democrats! Always representing the common people! Those with $350,000 in wealth to give to their favorite presidential campaign!