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Scheuer makes CNN host babble incoherently!

I’ve been more and more impressed with the intelligent comments that Michael Scheuer makes. This one, though, just made me laugh…


Scheuer went on to say that he believes we should get out of Libya.

“What’s coming home to roost here is that this is no longer the Cold War era.” He cites several instances where we are no longer able to depend on our allies to defend our interests.

Scheuer says that because we have no interests whatsoever in Libya. We do, have an interest in Bahrain, in protecting our supposed allies in Saudi Arabia.

“We are the slaves of the Saudis, sir.”

Thus, he says that we would have to come to the defense of the Saudis if the protest in Bahrain began to really threaten to overwhelm their regime. In that case, if Iran supported their religious compatriots (whom our media and intelligentsia would most likely fawn over as ‘liberators’), we would be sucked into a war with Iran.

Some frightening analysis, that I think bears a lot of wisdom behind it.

Scheuer continues about the prospect of encouraging the installation of democracies in the Mid-East: “We’ve been at this since the Magna Charta for about 800 years. For someone to think we’re going to be able to install the same kind of thing on a culture that doesn’t even have a separation between church and state, is really quite mad. And it shows the ignorance of the knowledge of how Americans have worked to get to where we’re at.”

as reported on my favorite talk show, the Michael Medved show!

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