Teachers explain How to teach Marxism in the classroom

This won’t be a surprise to anyone on the right, but hopefully this video can be pushed to those who need to hear it. The video shows teachers discussing how to tie Marxist thought to “enlightenment” and being “empowered”.

I wonder how enlightened all the hundreds of millions of victims of Marxism were when they were executed for not serving the totalitarian whim of their commie overlords? I guess that’s the point – they weren’t enlightened, so they had to go!

Well, guess what, the useful idiots of the Left are eager to indoctrinate your children into this evil doctrine of filth that has caused so much misery.


As per the description provided:

“New York City and Los Angeles teachers explain how they push Marxism and social justice in their classrooms. This video, shot at the 2011 Left Forum in New York City, was provided exclusively to EAGtv.”

To learn more about EAGtv and their mission, visit their website!


Took  a quick look at their conference website, and apparently, proper spelling is a tool of white male oppression, and they have FREED themselves from it’s shackles!

The conference included speakers such as the half-witted incoherent babbler Jesse Jackson, as well as celebrated America-hater, Noam Chomsky.