Superman renounces Heterosexuality

Naw. I’m joking.

But with the news that Superman is renouncing American citizenship, can this scene be far behind?

Heck, aren’t “Justice” and “Truth” old, male Eurocentric Imperialist Ideas too? Modern philosophy abandoned both years ago.

Read the Original Story regarding Superman renouncing his US Citizenship

Speaking as a “sooper” myself, I renounce YOU, Superman. You’ve become a sad pathetic “useful idiot” for the Left.

Of course, this is nothing new. As the article points out, Captain America was so disgusted with America he renounced his entire superhero identity.

The Marvel Comic crossover “Civil War” was a conspiracy fueled leftist retelling of the truther theory of 9-11.

It appears that comic books are rushing headlong after Hollywood in becoming less entertaining and more irrelevant by trying to trash America in order to be “edgy” and impress each other at cocktail parties.

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===2ND UPDATE====

Made a serious attempt at penning my thoughts about the matter. Click HERE to see it.