Would the Creators of Superman Approve?

This story continues to draw opinion on the internet, and I don’t think many of it is positive. At first, I tossed out a mocking, not-so-serious post about it. It has gotten me to think a little more about the issue.

My question is, what about the creators of Superman?

This has a long and storied history in comicdom, as the two creators, Jerry Siegel, and Simon Shuster, were generally swindled out of credit and profit from their iconic creation. Read a good write-up of it here.

They have both died since, and are honored by all comic book geeks. From most accounts, it doesn’t seem like they would be too thrilled with the idea that this American icon would have been used to toss American ideals overboard.

One of the best parts of the Superman mythos is that he never really was political – he was just a symbol of the best of America. I guess what troubles me is that, like most life-changing events in comics, Superman will probably return back to normal in a few months, after they’ve sold enough comic books, and no one cares anymore. Fine, it’s a sales stunt for a dying artform (one of the few uniquely American ones), in order to keep some interest alive enough to keep peddling comic book character movies, which is the real moneymaker.

But symbols matter. Continue reading

Superman renounces Heterosexuality

Naw. I’m joking.

But with the news that Superman is renouncing American citizenship, can this scene be far behind?

Heck, aren’t “Justice” and “Truth” old, male Eurocentric Imperialist Ideas too? Modern philosophy abandoned both years ago.

Read the Original Story regarding Superman renouncing his US Citizenship

Speaking as a “sooper” myself, I renounce YOU, Superman. You’ve become a sad pathetic “useful idiot” for the Left.

Of course, this is nothing new. As the article points out, Captain America was so disgusted with America he renounced his entire superhero identity.

The Marvel Comic crossover “Civil War” was a conspiracy fueled leftist retelling of the truther theory of 9-11. Continue reading

Teachers explain How to teach Marxism in the classroom

This won’t be a surprise to anyone on the right, but hopefully this video can be pushed to those who need to hear it. The video shows teachers discussing how to tie Marxist thought to “enlightenment” and being “empowered”.

I wonder how enlightened all the hundreds of millions of victims of Marxism were when they were executed for not serving the totalitarian whim of their commie overlords? I guess that’s the point – they weren’t enlightened, so they had to go!

Well, guess what, the useful idiots of the Left are eager to indoctrinate your children into this evil doctrine of filth that has caused so much misery.


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Shocking McDonalds’ Attacks


This is rather frightening and disgusting. What the hell is happening in America when grown men stand by while a person is beaten to the point of convulsing? If you haven’t seen the video, I caution you that it is extremely graphic.

Details are sparse, so far, but there are some reports that the person attacked was a transgendered and was beaten for trying to use the bathroom.

According to Baltimore Sun Crime reporter Justin Fenton, County police confirm that the beating happened April 18 at a McDonald’s in Rosedale, in the 6300 block of Kenwood Ave. Continue reading

WONKETTE editor calls online outrage “Cult of Trig” and “Weird Garbage Loop”

You all know by now about the horrendous comments and image that WONKETTE posted about Sarah Palin’s son, Trig, who has Down Syndrome. The twitter firestorm has caused Huggies and Poppa Johns’ to cut their advertising from the site, while the outrage continues on the internets.

Apparently there has been an email exchange about the entire episode between the unrepentant editor of Wonkette, Ken Layne,  and Dave Weigel, of Journolist fame. He doesn’t show one ounce of regret or concern, and indeed, seems to double-down on the disgusting attack on Trig:

You know there’s not a damn thing anywhere on Wonkette that is directed at that child. Let’s do something that has never before happened on the Internet, and be intellectually honest here. We have been mocking Palin for using that kid as a political prop since 2008. I said I don’t care for where Jack went with that post, because when you’re mocking the Team Sarah people and their weird Cult of Trig, it is just too nuanced. Stick to mocking Palin, stick to calling her a monster for doing that to a kid, special needs or not. Continue reading

Swastika Frijoles update

This is from the much celebrated event (by me, anyway), of the smearing of a swastika on the Arizona capital windows in the shape of a swastika.

Never has latino cuisine been used for political commentary in such a gleeful and clever fashion.

In this spirit, I offer the following image:


Read about the event by clicking here..

How can you not like Swastika Frijoles?
answer: you can’t.

t-shirts available. you racist.

UPDATE: the tshirt is no longer available, as zazzle deems it too unpolitically correct for them… fascists.

Scheuer makes CNN host babble incoherently!

I’ve been more and more impressed with the intelligent comments that Michael Scheuer makes. This one, though, just made me laugh…


Scheuer went on to say that he believes we should get out of Libya.

“What’s coming home to roost here is that this is no longer the Cold War era.” He cites several instances where we are no longer able to depend on our allies to defend our interests.

Scheuer says that because we have no interests whatsoever in Libya. We do, have an interest in Bahrain, in protecting our supposed allies in Saudi Arabia.

“We are the slaves of the Saudis, sir.”

Thus, he says that we would have to come to the defense of the Saudis if the protest in Bahrain began to really threaten to overwhelm their regime. In that case, if Iran supported their religious compatriots (whom our media and intelligentsia would most likely fawn over as ‘liberators’), we would be sucked into a war with Iran.

Some frightening analysis, that I think bears a lot of wisdom behind it.

Scheuer continues about the prospect of encouraging the installation of democracies in the Mid-East: “We’ve been at this since the Magna Charta for about 800 years. For someone to think we’re going to be able to install the same kind of thing on a culture that doesn’t even have a separation between church and state, is really quite mad. And it shows the ignorance of the knowledge of how Americans have worked to get to where we’re at.”

as reported on my favorite talk show, the Michael Medved show!

read Michael Scheuer’s latest book, [amazon_link id=”0199738661″ target=”_blank” ]Osama Bin Laden[/amazon_link]

the AARP SCAM exposed

Great video on the enormous swindle by AARP in supporting OBAMACARE, as reported by Hugh Hewitt on his radio show today. The facts are all there – AARP is poised to make a windfall of ONE BILLION DOLLARS over ten years because of Obamacare. This is unequivocal proof that AARP is profiting at the expense of their constituents.

Please spread this video – it ONLY has 300 hits at this time, and AARP is one of the greatest obstacles to another piece of our fiscal disaster puzzle – Social Security reform.

If you have an “experienced American” in your family, let them know to cut up their AARP card and sign up to AMAC!

A Nasty, Brutish and Short Birthday

Thomas Hobbes was born on April 5th, 1588, which would make him 423 years young today!! When asked, the cranky old man said that his greatest accomplishment was his preposterous and incorrect theorem to square the circle.

Later, political philosophers would proclaim that his greatest gift to this mechanistic, pessimistic world was his book, Leviathan, oft-cited as the beginning of modern political theory.

But I say thee NAY! His greatest benefit to mankind was being the model for the Hobbes in Calvin and Hobbes!! To honor his memory and all the happiness he’s given to so many, I offer to you John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes, in the Bill Watterson style!

John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes in the style of Calvin and Hobbes!
Check out the Contest that inspired me to draw this by clicking on this image that I based my version of Calvin and Hobbes on…

T-SHIRT available here!

OR, buy Hobbes’ book that began the long descent of Western Civilization into spiritual suicide!

Leviathan: With Selected Variants from the Latin Edition of 1668




The premise of the Gringo Test is very simple. If you can get through various presentations of Mexican culture without shouting racial epithets or oppressing the nearest Hispanic, then you are an above average gringo!

This is the first test. Get through this entire song – grit your teeth, lie back and think of America – it has very deep strains of Mexy-American culture running throughout. You do NOT have to watch the video. That will be covered in a more advanced Gringo Test.

Keep track of your score, as more Gringo Tests are released, and you score high enough, you may earn your “Orale Gringo Certification!”

Disclaimer: If you FAIL this Gringo Test, that is NOT necessarily proof that you are racist or that you hate Latinos. It only implies that Mexy culture annoys you a little. However, if you DO fail the Gringo Test, it might do your pale salsa-hating soul good to make some MexyReparations…

$350k for Obama 2012

Interesting news from Obama’s campaign for 2012.

In the Chicago Sun-Times, Lynn Sweet reports that donors are being asked to up the ante from last year’s historic donation sums in order to secure Obama’s second term. The price tag would be $350k from each donor, in an attempt to raise a whopping $750 million for his campaign.

Sweet writes, of Obama’s campaign manager, Jim Messina:

Messina has been saying he is worried that outside GOP allied groups — especially ones that GOP strategist Karl Rove advises — will be running ads early on.

Earlier in March, a Rove-advised group, Crossroads GPS, spent $750,000 in one-week for an anti-union national cable buy slamming Obama. These early spots will be Obama hits masquerading as “issue” ads, trying to soften up Obama while the many GOP presidential contenders fight it out in their primaries.

Because of the outside money threat, the Obama team, which discouraged independent spending for Obama in 2008, is open to it in 2012. Two trusted former White House staffers are exploring creation of such a group to counter Rove: Sean Sweeney, who was chief of staff for Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel when he was Obama’s chief of staff, and former deputy press secretary Bill Burton.

Good Old Democrats! Always representing the common people! Those with $350,000 in wealth to give to their favorite presidential campaign!