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The death of Osama Bin Laden has many implications for America, but among one of the more entertaining is how the left is on the defensive, straining to fill the vast chasm between their criticism of Bush, and Obama’s dependence on his policies.

John Yoo, infamously known for drafting the dysphemistically named ‘torture memo’ during the Bush administration, has rightfully defended Bush, and justified his own legal counsel in the area of enhanced interrogation techniques. Read his well-reasoned argument here.

Christopher ‘itchens asserts that whatever uprisings there are in the Mid-East, they could not have happened without Saddam being deposed from his tyrannical authority.

Heck, even Roseanne Barr tweeted, “Does this mean Bush was right..? democracy seems to be taking hold–could I have been totally wrong?”

If only the liberal intelligentsia were as intellectually honest as our rotund provocateur! I’m not holding my breath..

It basically comes down to one truth – Bush Spied, Osama Died.

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