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5-16-11: The Road to the GOP Nomination

So Huckabee is out, and it looks like Trump is out. Let’s take a look at PPP Polling released last Tuesday.

These were the standings with the favored candidates:

As PPP reported, if Trump is taken out of the running, these are the standings:

Trump’s supporters seem evenly split between Romney, Huckabee and Gingrich, with Pawlenty receiving one percentage bump.

Here’s what happens without Huckabee:

Huckabee’s departure cedes only 3% to Romney, none to Gingrich, 5% to Palin, 4% to Ron Paul, 2% to Pawlenty, and one lonely percentage point for Bachmann who finally shows a gain. This shows a very diverse group of Huckabee supporters – except for Gingrich. In no way did Newt gain from Huckabee leaving the field.

What happens if Palin departs to hunt after that dimwitted grandbaby-daddy of hers?

Surprisingly, Gingrich gets the most out of her departure, with 6% gain, while Romney only gets 4%. Ron Paul gains nothing, Bachmann only gets 3%, while T-Paw is still out in left field with only 1 percentage gain. Is it possible that Palin’s supporters are composed of mostly Gingrichies? That seems entirely unlikely as Palin and Gingrich’s backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses seem to be diametrically opposed. How is it possible that Bachmann got half of what Gingrich got from Palin’s departure?

What do you think?


thanks to Gadsdenista for bringing attention to the poll!