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Where does the statement, “best thing since sliced bread come from?” Probably some imperialist oppressor a long time ago, who came up with it to oppress others! Imperiously! Well now, you can too!


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UPDATE: All of my products have been taken off of the service I was using because they are snowflakes and hate right-wing Mexicans. Also, they stole the money I had saved up through the sales of my designs!! Nice, huh? #EffZazzle

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UPDATE! T-Shirt officially endorsed by Roger Spires! A REAL white person! Wow!

Netanyahu Scolds Obama

After Obama making it known to everyone that he gets his understanding of world history, politics, and military defense through Al-Jazeera, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu met with him in private, and then gently, tactfully, taught Obama a history lesson in a public press conference. For his part, Obama sat there like a petulant child. I represent the moment below:

I got tons of retweets of my live commentary, so I thought I’d add some here. Retweeting, after all, is the highest form of peer approval!

HOPE you saved CHANGE to buy GAS!

How’s your gas bill these days? Are you having to make some decisions about your budget in order just to get around town, or drive to work? Well, guess what, Obama is bringing HOPE to the gas pump!

Except this Hope is gonna cost you.

The Obama Administration is floating the idea to tax every American by the MILE.

That’s right, if you thought your gas cost was high, wait until they attach a monitor to your car to track how far you drive:                      

“Among other things, CBO suggested that a vehicle miles traveled (VMT) tax could be tracked by installing electronic equipment on each car to determine how many miles were driven; payment could take place electronically at filling stations.”

The average price of a gallon of regular-grade gasoline in the United States was $1.83 when Barack Obama took office. The average now is more than twice that, at $3.96.

It is undeniable that Obama’s energy policies have directly caused oil prices to jump, even though some would argue that oil is set by the global market. Here are some of the ways that Obama’s policies have made gas prices higher for each and every one of us:

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5-16-11: The Road to the GOP Nomination

So Huckabee is out, and it looks like Trump is out. Let’s take a look at PPP Polling released last Tuesday.

These were the standings with the favored candidates:

As PPP reported, if Trump is taken out of the running, these are the standings:

Trump’s supporters seem evenly split between Romney, Huckabee and Gingrich, with Pawlenty receiving one percentage bump.

Here’s what happens without Huckabee:

Huckabee’s departure cedes only 3% to Romney, none to Gingrich, 5% to Palin, 4% to Ron Paul, 2% to Pawlenty, and one lonely percentage point for Bachmann who finally shows a gain. This shows a very diverse group of Huckabee supporters – except for Gingrich. In no way did Newt gain from Huckabee leaving the field.

What happens if Palin departs to hunt after that dimwitted grandbaby-daddy of hers?

Surprisingly, Gingrich gets the most out of her departure, with 6% gain, while Romney only gets 4%. Ron Paul gains nothing, Bachmann only gets 3%, while T-Paw is still out in left field with only 1 percentage gain. Is it possible that Palin’s supporters are composed of mostly Gingrichies? That seems entirely unlikely as Palin and Gingrich’s backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses seem to be diametrically opposed. How is it possible that Bachmann got half of what Gingrich got from Palin’s departure?

What do you think?


thanks to Gadsdenista for bringing attention to the poll!

Pakistan’s Terror Ties May Become Undeniable

While most people are normally cyni cal of any of our “allies” in the Middle East, it’s important to note clarifying events that make these notions undeniable. One such is playing out in this New York federal court case.

Read the details here: Pakistan’s ISI fights lawsuit linking it to Mumbai attacks

If we are able to draw ties between the Pakistani Intelligence service and the terrible Mumbai attacks, it will no longer be tenable for the Obama administration to ignore the role Pakistan is playing in ““critical planning, material support, control and coordination” of terror events.

Officially, Pakistan denies harboring Osama and the Obama administration continues to defend our erstwhile ally in the war on terror. It must be noted that in the 2008 presidential debate, Obama defended his position that we should unilaterally attack Osama in Pakistan despite their protests, if we had information of his whereabouts. His detractors included his democratic competitor, Hilary Clinton, and many conservatives, including John McCain and Sarah Palin.

So should we abandon our diplomatic ties with a lukewarm ally when we have such evidence that they have been harboring terrorists and aiding terrorist attacks on the West?

Certainly India would prefer that. As Victor Davis Hanson, noted historian, has said, India is the most like us in the region, being an English-speaking, Westernized Democracy that has faced fierce Islamist attacks itself (hear his comments in this Richochet Podcast).

Hanson criticizes our diplomatic position between the two as a relic of Cold War thinking, as India had ties to our Soviet enemy. Given these events that show Pakistan’s duplicity, it may time, as he says, to “outsource Afghanistan and Pakistan to India.”

How would Pakistan react to such a change in American foreign policy? It is clear that they are very threatened by India reaching out to Afghanistan, and providing aid their government. One wonders if India is as foolish as America has been in thinking that financial aid will insure the loyalty of any Muslim nation.

Certainly one of the reasons the West has had to give Pakistan such deference is their possession of nuclear arms, being the only Muslim nation to do so. But is this enough to keep us from continually ignoring their terrorist ties?



The death of Osama Bin Laden has many implications for America, but among one of the more entertaining is how the left is on the defensive, straining to fill the vast chasm between their criticism of Bush, and Obama’s dependence on his policies.

John Yoo, infamously known for drafting the dysphemistically named ‘torture memo’ during the Bush administration, has rightfully defended Bush, and justified his own legal counsel in the area of enhanced interrogation techniques. Read his well-reasoned argument here.

Christopher ‘itchens asserts that whatever uprisings there are in the Mid-East, they could not have happened without Saddam being deposed from his tyrannical authority.

Heck, even Roseanne Barr tweeted, “Does this mean Bush was right..? democracy seems to be taking hold–could I have been totally wrong?”

If only the liberal intelligentsia were as intellectually honest as our rotund provocateur! I’m not holding my breath..

It basically comes down to one truth – Bush Spied, Osama Died.

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CELEBRI-tweets: Dead Osama edition


Image Courtesy of @DaveinAz

Today is a great day, not only because it is the SECOND day that the Earth is no longer under the burden of the moral and physical stain that was Osama Bin Laden, but because it marks the first edition of… CELEBRI-TWEETS.

In Celebri-tweets, we peruse the putrid, fetid tweetstreams of our worst celebrities to report on their unabashed idiocy! Fun for the whole family! That is, if your family is all above 18 or so. These celebs have potty mouths! Ok, let’s get started!

Here’s the tweet that got it all started – oh wait.. actually… NO. That’s not the case, because the Obama admin NEVER begins on time, unlike our pal, Dubya. It’s true, look it up.

First up, Steve Martin, who of late, has annoyed people with his appearance pushing his art book, and not brought the funny. I guess he thought to extend that mild annoyance to his tweets, with this non-committal joke. Was it meant with a disapproving sneer or just a flippant thought to mark the occasion? Seems to have a tinge of that disdain liberals have for the common man who just like their Clint Eastwood movies.  You be the judge!

Spike Lee, never to be undone in his Leftist partisan rhetoric, released a torrent of shameless tweets firmly planting his lips on Obama’s backside, mocking and deriding the previous administration, and then, of course, implying that anyone who would possibly object to his tirade, as…. what card is that? Is that an ace of spades? Ten of hearts? Ohhhh.. it’s the racecard.

Rihanna, hip hop star and surreptitious Freemason occult maven, marked the occasion in keeping with her gnostic teachings, by making oblique references to the event. Like most religious icons, she constantly droned on about a new music release at the same time, by the name of “man down”… has anyone looked into whether the NAVY SEAL team had any illumaniti connections?!

Oprah is one of the best shameless self-promoters, and yet she seems to drop the ball here. C’mon Oprah, you could have at least teased us with a, “Did Obama give hints about Osama mission? Watch on the next Oprah!” At least didn’t make the celebrity tweet faux pas of saying anything patriotic or supporting the military.

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Congrats PM Harper!

Congratulations to Prime Minister Harper of Canada for winning a Conservative majority in parliament yesterday. Watching our lib and leftist friends in the great gringo North recoil in horror and writhe in their own bilious regret is just too much fun! Go Harper!

I don’t much follow Canadian politics, but I do know he supported our campaign in Afghanistan , and we should praise him for it, and honor those Canadian soldiers under his command.

In that spirit, here’s a picture of him with a kitten.

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