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Help Beat Back the UNION HORDES!


According to a Wisconsin-based free market think tank, of the traceable money going into the recall effort, Unions have dumped more than 14 MILLION DOLLARS to defeat fiscal sanity. Keep in mind, this is just the money that has to be reported – the true amount is even larger than that. Click on the image below to see a graphical representation of the liberal groups where the money is coming from.


We all know the Mainstream Media is leftward leaning. In this case, if the Leftist Unions win the recall elections, it will be trumpeted as an enormous referendum for pro-Union opposition to sane budgeting.  IF we win, they’ll downplay the issue. But pundits are already saying that given how many millions of dollars they’re throwing at this election, it would be an ENORMOUS and DEMORALIZING DEFEAT for the UNIONS.


The argument for cutting budgets and stifling the ever devouring maw of the Union hordes will be bolstered if Wisconsin defeats the GOP recalls. By contrast, America has lost it’s credit rating because our terrible debt ratio, meanwhile, after the supposedly “draconian” cuts, Wisconsin was given the AAA rating our country has lost.

Wisconsin further serves as a microcosm for America in that the Democrats foretold absolute collapse and destruction in the wake of these cuts just as they are doing with our federal budget. The proof is in the pudding – Milwaukee is saving money and has a budget surplus without any societal collapse.


Democrats need 3 recall wins to take over the senate. One seat seems lost. One seat seems like a definite WIN.  There are two elections which are very close – you could make a difference in these races!

Luthor Olsen is beating his opponent by 3 points. Click on his picture to volunteer to help him:

Randy Hopper is only ONE PERCENTAGE POINT above his opponent! Click on his picture to help him win!

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If you’re unable to contact the campaigns, email me at SooperMexican@Yahoo.com for some guerrilla, last-minute election day tactics! Join the Vast Right Wing Conpiracy today!!