Political Parties

Sarah Sign My Gun!

I’m not a Sarah supporter, but if you look at the content of the speech she gave in Iowa, it’s actually very carefully crafted and remarkable. I might be posting about it soon.

The best part of that entire event came while watching her greet her supporters after the speech. There was a man in the crowd that said something about the National Rifle Association to Sarah, and then whipped out what I swear was a gun! NOW, if that had been ME, I would have dove to the ground and screamed “we got a shooter!!” and, “Don’t shoot, I’m too hot to die!!” (because I’d either be Sarah Palin, or myself in this hypoethetical scenario).

Not Sarah Palin.

Apparently, he was asking for an autograph and she very nonchalantly stood there and signed the gun for him! I was flabbergasted. Luckily my flabbers weren’t so gasted that I didn’t get a screenshot of the event:

Unfortunately, it’s a little murky, but I swear to you, dear reader, it was a gun-shaped object! I wonder if it was a replica? If it wasn’t, how did he convince security that he wasn’t gonna shoot hot-Palin?

—— UPDATE ——-

Someone from twitter said they thought it was a gun case and not a gun, and so the referees went to the instant replay!!

There it is! Definitely a gun case… what a great gift that would make!

Even so, given the horrible shooting in Arizona, if I were a politician, I don’t think I would be as calm and collected as Sarah was when anything appearing to be a gun was near me at a political event.

That hot lady got ice in her veins.