Day of RAGE Protest day5

I just don’t know how long capitalism can take this onslaught of protest from the American basement-dwelling pot-smoking Che-worshipping public. Today is the 5th day of the anti-Capitalist rampage through Wall Street. See below for the scenes of horror as the imperialist forces of Nanny Bloomberg clash with the peace-loving, barista-protesters…

I snapped these while checking my stocks! Luckily I bought ORACLE yesterday – it’s up 7%!!! WhooHOO! I mean.. devour the rich!! Eat them!!

CNBC reported they have a whopping ONE HUNDRED protestors today!! Take THAT, Capitalists!!

I give it another… 4 hours. Then it’s over.

This hipster had to borrow his 10-year old sister’s glue stick and glitter to perform this brutal act of clumsy confusion against wealth and plutocracy!

People were arrested for wearing these “V for Vendetta” masks – which by the way, literally celebrate terrorism (see Guy Fawkes). Apparently in New York City is illegal to have more than 4 people wearing masks in a protest! Sorry hippies!! I mean… noble freedom-fighters!

The day they choose was symbolic for three reasons. September 17th was:

1) Constitution Day – when non-liberals celebrate the signing of the Constitution in 1787. I saw references to the ridiculous “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, but no reference to the Constitution. I doubt these whining hipsters would defend any of the principles behind the founding.

2) 10 year Anniversary of 9/11 Wall Street return: This was the day that trading resumed on Wall Street after 9/11. Were the planners hoping to  shut  down Wall Street altogether – and basically ally themselves with the goals of the terrorists?

3) Thermopylae – Ironically, this was the day that the battle began where 300 Spartans died to defend the free Greek states against the despotism of Xerxes and Eastern slavery. Given that most of the protestors tried to ally themselves to the “Arab Spring”, I’m not sure what part of the intellectual moebius strip to pause on and mock their stupidity.


…and of course, some choice twitter commentary:

——— update ———-

I almost forgot.. the title “Day of Rage” is also a reference to the Muslim extremist penchant to murder and maim Christians and Jews after finishing their prayers on Fridays.

A “Day of Rage” was to be unleashed on America in front of the White House, where Islamists were to call for Sharia Law to be established all over this nation. Even the Muslim Brotherhood got in on the action.

If you don’t believe me, just go read the #OccupyWallStreet twitter stream – the filthy hippies actually think they’re a part of the “Arab Spring” extending into America.

Thankfully, this demonstration has been so pathetic and weak, it’s only earned derision and scorn from the media and America. As it should be…