Hipster Brutality!

HIPSTER BRUTALITY!! Right about 1:06 a bad-ass cop starts flinging skinny crackhead hipsters into the crowd…. enjoy!

—- UPDATE —-

This noble soul, this poor son of PhDs, toiling away in Law School, bravely stands before the world to accuse a bank of… well, false charges.

As reported on the Blaze, the protester, Robert Stephens, completely lies about his father’s home being taken away by the bank he passionately points to.

The nail in this empty protest‘s coffin is a delightful phone conversation I just had with Robert’s mother, Marquita, where she admitted Chase Bank indeed was not “taking” their home from them. Instead, due to a recent “reduction in income,” they’ve decided to hold a “short sale.”

Read the entire story here!

What possesses someone to completely lie about their family? Blind, stupid hatred of the wealthy.

This is why we mock you, protesters – because you subvert everything for the sake of your agenda, including truth.