I Was On the Larry Elder Show This Morning!

If you were listening to the Larry Elder show this morning, you heard a very special sooper Mexy guest! No, not Marco Rubio, he’s Cuban! It was ME!

Larry’s producer saw my t-shirt (below) I made in admiration of Thomas Sowell and brought it to Larry’s attention, and he had me on to talk about why I created it. I had a great time, and hope to have audio soon.

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Hipster Brutality!

HIPSTER BRUTALITY!! Right about 1:06 a bad-ass cop starts flinging skinny crackhead hipsters into the crowd…. enjoy!

—- UPDATE —-

This noble soul, this poor son of PhDs, toiling away in Law School, bravely stands before the world to accuse a bank of… well, false charges.

As reported on the Blaze, the protester, Robert Stephens, completely lies about his father’s home being taken away by the bank he passionately points to.

The nail in this empty protest‘s coffin is a delightful phone conversation I just had with Robert’s mother, Marquita, where she admitted Chase Bank indeed was not “taking” their home from them. Instead, due to a recent “reduction in income,” they’ve decided to hold a “short sale.”

Read the entire story here!

What possesses someone to completely lie about their family? Blind, stupid hatred of the wealthy.

This is why we mock you, protesters – because you subvert everything for the sake of your agenda, including truth.


Day of RAGE Protest day5

I just don’t know how long capitalism can take this onslaught of protest from the American basement-dwelling pot-smoking Che-worshipping public. Today is the 5th day of the anti-Capitalist rampage through Wall Street. See below for the scenes of horror as the imperialist forces of Nanny Bloomberg clash with the peace-loving, barista-protesters…

I snapped these while checking my stocks! Luckily I bought ORACLE yesterday – it’s up 7%!!! WhooHOO! I mean.. devour the rich!! Eat them!!

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the LOST Solyndra Grant Proposal video FOUND!

Today, under some crack investigative reporting, Misfit Politics released the rare and previously unknown SOLYNDRA Grant Proposal!

You remember the Misfit Politics group right? They’re the advertising consultants for Barack Obama’s brilliant Orwellian website, ATTACK WATCH! Here is their first commercial!!

I’m very proud to be associated with Misfit Politics as their cartoonist. Website and other projects coming SOON!
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GringOpinion Poll: SMOTUS Job Approval Ratings

As the chart shows above, the American public largely approves of the SMOTUS, despite historically low taco supplies, and his widely unpopular and capricious Burrito Embargos, and Salsa Sanctions. Independent analysis shows that those unapproving of the SMOTUS are racist.

**** UPDATE ****

After releasing the National Emergency Tamale supply, the SMOTUS approval rating has shot up to 75%!! If his position wasn’t a lifetime one, he would surely win another term!!

**** 9.22.11 UPDATE ****

Despite the Dow Jones Industrial dropping like a rock today, the SMOTUS continues to receive high favorability ratings.


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MSNBC praises the Hitler of the Mid-East*

Visit msnbc for breaking news, more appeasement, and leftist bias!

Thank goodness the press is so eager to give dictators equal time so that we can see their side of the issues. Now we can understand that Ahmadinejad seeks for Iran:

“I want the same future as I want for every nation of the world – Peace, Friendship, Happiness and Unity.”

Reminds me of another leader that was hounded when he broke international treaties on armaments while proclaiming peace.

“What the…Government, as the guardian of the honor and interests of the…nation, desires is to make sure that [we] possess[es] sufficient instruments of power …to command international respect and value as co-guarantor of general peace.” Continue reading

Harry Reid’s Twitter Gaffe on 9/11

Hey, it’s just twitter.

Still, if you screw up a 9/11 memorial tweet, and after 20 minutes STILL haven’t corrected it.. you must be Harry Reid.

Now, if you’ll notice, the tweet was sent from an iPhone, they often have autocorrect settings that screw up your intended meaning…


8 hours later, still no correction, and it has more than a 100 retweets. Way to go, loser.


22 hours later, still no correction, and it has more than a 100 retweets. Safe to say they just don’t care.

Rick Santelli Rips Idiotic Defender of Social Security

CNBC is worth watching just for the off-chance that Rick is gonna do some political science with a hammer. This is the latest:

One might argue legalities, but putting them aside, Rick is definitely right. The structure of Social Security is a Pyramid scheme. It only works as long as more and more people are added to it every year. That his interlocutor could not answer Rick says a lot about the problem with Washington and their little band of yes-men. What a brilliant use of Newspeak is his answer, “what makes Social Security work is fixing Social Security.” Oh! I see.

Ironically, liberals can’t even get out of denial enough to admit these kinds of entitlements only come close to working with a growing population and a growing economy, things they often point to as producers of the evils of society.

Is the Tea Party Racist?

As we get nearer the 2012 election, and the Obama administration gets more desperate, we’re going to see more of the racecard accusations against the GOP and the Tea Party in order to shore up the 81% support from African-Americans, which has fallen from 95%.

This serves a triple purpose – to pacify African-American anger at the fact that their unemployment is reaching crisis levels, to re-direct that anger from rightfully criticizing the failing policies of the Obama administration, and to falsely accuse the greatest enemy of the Left, the Tea Party.

So it shouldn’t be any surprise that liberal-infested academia jumps into the breach to support the Leftist cause. Just recently, at the American Political Science Association’s annual conference, one such missile was lobbed against the Tea Party and received with much celebration among the hungering MSM:

“…several professors argued that tea party Republicans are more likely than other voters, and even than most others in the GOP, to harbor racial hostility, as judged by their answers in a broad pre-election survey administered in October 2010.

But it is clear that the movement is more appealing to people who are unsympathetic to blacks and who prefer a harder line on illegal immigration than it is to other Americans,” wrote Gary C. Jacobson, a professor at the University of California, San Diego, in his paper “The President, the Tea Party, and Voting Behavior in 2010.”

(via Fox News)


The media loves to report this stuff without analyzing it all. Especially if they can pin the air of  “academia” on it – as if the arbiters of truth all have a PhD attached to their names.

So let’s take a closer look at the claims of Tea Party racism.

According to CNN polling taken after the 2010 election, some states have a much higher approval for the Tea Party than others, as we might expect. Now, the Congressional Black Caucus has gone all around the country trying to rile up the unemployed black folk to blame the Tea Party for historically tragic unemployment figures in that community. Is this fair?

Let’s take a look at some American states by their approval of the Tea Party and also the rate of African American unemployment. If you were an academic, you should expect that if a state is pro Tea Party that they would be more likely to be racist. Now that wouldn’t be represented by merely the unemployment of African-Americans because historically, they have higher levels than most Americans. What if we looked at the rates of African-American unemployment as compared to that of white unemployment? Let’s take a look!


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Sarah Sign My Gun!

I’m not a Sarah supporter, but if you look at the content of the speech she gave in Iowa, it’s actually very carefully crafted and remarkable. I might be posting about it soon.

The best part of that entire event came while watching her greet her supporters after the speech. There was a man in the crowd that said something about the National Rifle Association to Sarah, and then whipped out what I swear was a gun! NOW, if that had been ME, I would have dove to the ground and screamed “we got a shooter!!” and, “Don’t shoot, I’m too hot to die!!” (because I’d either be Sarah Palin, or myself in this hypoethetical scenario).

Not Sarah Palin.

Apparently, he was asking for an autograph and she very nonchalantly stood there and signed the gun for him! I was flabbergasted. Luckily my flabbers weren’t so gasted that I didn’t get a screenshot of the event:

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