Ron Paulestinians: Whiners gonna Whine

courtesy of "Yid with a Lid" blog

Recently I ran a little poll to see what candidate the Sarah Palin supporters would run to after she announced her departure from the race. That evening, I got a healthy sampling of my twitter followers and people who follow conservative hashtags. So I did some math and made a predication of how this event might change the candidate standings.

Then a remarkable thing happened: the Ron Paulestinians attacked.

I noticed that I started getting a huge jump in votes, and visits. When I checked the results, it was all Ron Paul supporters, the political equivalent of Justin Beiber fanatics.

Ironically, I had a run in with Paulestinians this last weekend at a bar where we debated the issues. Among those I debated with, one eventually turned into a wild-eyed 9/11 truther, and another admitted being a wannabe Jedi dropout from a seminary.

The character I see from these people is essentially the same as that of the Occupy Wall Street protesters – even though they are a tiny minority, they honestly believe they represent the majority of Americans, and the majority of the world.

Now I decided to wipe out all these votes, as they came in mostly after I had culled what I wanted from the unscientific poll, and it was no longer representative, since the rabid Paulestinians had begun to toss empty-headed lemming after lemming at my site. They didn’t care that they were dishonestly answering the poll – they just wanted to win.

Here is a comment I got from one of the Ron Paulemmings who’s extra-tight tin foil hat allowed him to see what I had done:

Looks like webmaster ‘adjusted’ counts to fit what “he” wanted… I took screenshots earlier for comparison… will publish soon, along with the current ones (that are skewed by the webmaster as of the time of this post)

Again, the moron is so engrossed in pushing his agenda, he doesn’t even know or care that it’s his half-witted compatriots that are skewing the results. Here’s another:

There goes any chance at any credibility what so ever. Oh Well Haters gonna hate.

And my response:

Losing credibility among Ron Paul supporters is like being called “slightly promiscuous” by a gaggle of whores.

In any case, if some crackhead Paulestinian actually publishes their screenshots and libels my website, you’ll know why. I’d also like to point out that throughout the polling, I readily admitted that it was not scientific, and more for the sake of testing how twitter might be used to predict voter attitudes, especially among conservatives.