Charity CEO Call for Penn State to Cancel Football Game

An urgent call on the president to combat the idiocy of the students who rioted yesterday, and make a gesture towards recognizing what’s truly important in this world:

As CEO of Homefront Hugs USA & family counselor who graduated from University of Michigan, I called the Penn State Interim president today & urged him to shock us all and CANCEL the football game and replace it with a silent vigil to show the world that the child victims mean more than ANY football game.

I am now urge everyone else to do the same: call 814-865-7611

Demand they help the healing begin now by sending the right message to the victims, their families, the shocked world, and their own students! Please call and RT if you value children more too !

I have given donations to this worthy cause before, and the action taken here makes me that much more willing to do so again, especially on a day like today when we honor the veterans who have defended our country.

Help remove the stain on our beautiful country by the disgusting behavior of the administration of Penn State, and their students, by honoring those who re-affirm the honor of our nation.

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