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Eyewitness to White House shooting on Twitter

At about 9:40 pm, it was reported that a man had shot at the White House. The Obamas were not in residence at the time, being in California.

This woman, claims to have witnessed the event, and tweeted about it:

Let’s hope no one was hurt.

More details to come I’m sure.


Fox News is disputing the story:


After not tweeting for 30 mins, Shankar came back and added some more details to her account:


Reports are that the car has been recovered, and a machine gun, but not the perpetrator of the act.


Sharanya’s Account has been deleted.

Was she a hoax or is she just scared? There were a lot of people suspicious of her story from the very beginning.

A pic from a social media site of Sharanya



This appears to be either another one of her accounts, or what she changed the previous account to.  It is a private account, and she has not responded to any inquiries.

She also seems to be deleting traces and personal information from her other social media accounts. Is she just overreacting, as a witness to a violent act, or has she been told to do so? Or was this all a hoax?


Authorities have released pictures of the man they believe shot at the White House on Friday:


Oscar Ramiro Ortego, alleged White House shooter

“An AK-47 assault rifle was recovered and several streets were shut down after the incident in Washington on Friday night.

U.S. Park Police have identified the man they are looking for in connection with the investigation as 21-year-old Oscar Ramiro Ortega.”

Oscar Ramiro Ortega, alleged White House shooter

You can see the “Israel” tattoo in this picture.

In a different report, they describe his other tattoos:

On his right hand, he has three tattoos of dots. On his upper back, he has “Ortega;” on his right chest he has rosary beads and hands clasped in prayer; on his left chest he has folded hand and on the left side of his neck he has “Israel.”

Since cataloging tattoos is part of the booking process, it’s most likely this information is known because Oscar has an arrest record, but that hasn’t been released if it’s true.

The three dots usually signify gang ties. Rosary and prayer indicate he’s religious, and likely Catholic. I’m not sure why someone would tattoo “Israel” on their neck.

So we have a Zionist Catholic gangmember shooting at the White House? Strange times.

The White House has often been a target of would-be assassins, including recently, another machine gun shooting and a plane crashing into the front lawn during Clinton’s term.


Oh my aquvishnu, this story just gets weirder and weirder…

In this latest report, another eyewitness gives the following account of the police arresting the shooter:

Cindi Shore’s neighbor watched Arlington Police question Ortega in their quiet North Arlington neighborhood.

“She saw the guy in handcuffs on Friday on the front lawn, all ready to go but they didn’t do anything to him. I don’t know if they arrested him or didn’t arrest him. He’s still out there,” said Shore.

Uh.. what?

There must be some misunderstanding – it might have been someone else who they thought was the shooter, but wasn’t actually. Of course, this is great fodder for the conspiracy theorists.

They continue:

More than a day after the shooting, she saw a police officer with a gun pointed at a vacant house across the street.

“Very unusual and he said, basically, K-9 police! Put your hands up! And I didn’t see anybody come in or out. I just rushed into my house because I heard that and I saw that and I said I’m outta here,” said Shore.

Again, odd stuff. It could have easily been a cop who thought he saw someone in the vacant house, and it turned out to be a false alarm.


U.S. Park Police say Ortega has a criminal record in Idaho, Utah and Texas for drug and underage alcohol possession, and assault.

“His assault charges also involve assault on law enforcement officers,” said Sgt. David Schlosser of the U.S. Park Police.

Ortega’s citizenship is unclear, as is his mental health history.

“This is a man who discharged a rifle in downtown D.C. I think that speaks volumes,” said Sgt. Schlosser.

So, now we have almost a complete profile of the shooter. He’s a 21-year old schizophrenic Catholic Zionist gangmember illegal alien, who might have been let go as part of a conspiracy theory to impose more stringent gun control laws!

(just kidding)