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Tell the Los Angeles Reps to arrest the Occupiers!

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa held a press conference where he announced that all Los Angeles Occupiers would be evicted on midnight, the evening of Sunday, November 27th. This is after a very long occupation that saw the degenerate mongrels blocking a very busy LA intersection, and rejecting an offer from the appeasing council to give them land and farming space.

As most Occupiers are only employed in garnering gold coins in World of Warcraft while stinking up their mother’s basements with pot-smoke, they have a lot of time to organize to foment their anti-American political defecation.

In order to even up the effort, I encourage you to email the following addresses of the Mayor and the Councilpersons of Los Angeles, and let them know of your support for the eviction, and possible beating, macing, and eventual imprisonment of the Occupiers:


here’s my message, edit or write your own:


To everyone involved,
I would like to make a request as a citizen of this country, and an erstwhile resident of California that you do everything in your power to have the proper authorities evict, mace, beat, and imprison those who flaunt our laws, and literally micturate upon the rug made from the fabric of our society. I am speaking, of course, of those degenerates of the “occupy” movement, who have illegally seized public lands for their own benefit to the detriment of all other citizens, who destroy commerce by their fetid presence, and spit in the face of established rule of law.
If you abrogate your responsibilities in this manner, I will seek your replacement in your representative post as swiftly as possible.
Gracias very much.
-el sooper.


Call and email the Mayor and Council Members too!

Antonio Villaraigosa: (213) 978-0600 or (213) 978-0721
District 1: Ed Reyes: (213)-473-7001
District 2: Paul Krekorian: (213)-473-7002
District 3: Dennis Zine: (213)-473-7003
District 4: Tom LaBonge: (213)-473-7004
District 5: Paul Koretz: (213)-473-7005
District 6: Tony Cardenas: (213) -473-7006
District 7: Richard Alacorn: (213)-473-7007
District 8: Bernard Parks: (213)-473-7008
District 9: Jan Perry: (213)-473-7009
District 10: Herb Wesson Jr.: (213)-473-7010
District 11: Bill Rosendahl: (213)-473-7011
District 12: Mitchell Englander: (213)-473-7012
District 13: Eric Garcetti: (213)-473-7013
District 14: Jose Huizar: (213)-473-7014