Alec versus Me: Round ONE

If you weren’t witness to the magnificent twitter feud between your favorite masked mexy conservative and stupid hypocrite elitist and gringo Alec Baldwin, you missed quite a show. Don’t worry, dear sooper reader! I have toiled to document every single little dirty tweet of the knockdown dragout smackdown I laid upon poor little Alec. Grab your popcorn!!

Now I’ve made it a pass time to smack Alec Baldwin around every now and then when he tweets something stupid and leftist. Like, back in July, for instance:

I remember saying something in response to mock the guy, and although he clarified what he meant, he didn’t refer to me specifically that time…

Maybe all that mockery finally got to him. I never really expected him to take notice. For some reason, my little joke about what next for Occupy Wall Street really annoyed him:

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Alec BaldSwine Mocks America’s Moms

Liberal elitist moron hypocrite and gringo, Alec BaldSwine, doubles down on making fun of America’s Moms, by putting it as a description in his profile. What a pathetic windbag.

Please reply via tweet and let him know what you think about his smug condescension.


*** UPDATE ***

This was his profile before, and the tweet where he first mentioned his hatred of motherhood…

Check out my smackdown of the bald swine brother that inspired this travesty HERE

Alec Baldwin Versus Me: The Thrillah on the Twittah!

For those who missed it, I thought I would post some of the highlights from my twitter debate with Hollywood genius and political hopeful, Alec Baldwin..

This was earlier in the evening, after getting spanked yesterday (I’ll post those too). He probably had a few drinks, and thought he could throw a tantrum online… unfortunately for him, I was eager to once again, release the KRAKEN!!

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Tell the Los Angeles Reps to arrest the Occupiers!

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa held a press conference where he announced that all Los Angeles Occupiers would be evicted on midnight, the evening of Sunday, November 27th. This is after a very long occupation that saw the degenerate mongrels blocking a very busy LA intersection, and rejecting an offer from the appeasing council to give them land and farming space.

As most Occupiers are only employed in garnering gold coins in World of Warcraft while stinking up their mother’s basements with pot-smoke, they have a lot of time to organize to foment their anti-American political defecation.

In order to even up the effort, I encourage you to email the following addresses of the Mayor and the Councilpersons of Los Angeles, and let them know of your support for the eviction, and possible beating, macing, and eventual imprisonment of the Occupiers:

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Will Americans Rule Themselves or Be Ruled by Others?

I am not of the character to give much of the available space in my brain to conspiracy theories. Or at least, I don’t believe in them. I love hearing about them and marveling at the outrageous and stupid things people will themselves to believe. I think at the heard of a lot of conspiratorial belief is a degradation of a real urge in the soul of man – the belief in good and evil, and that some force guides all human events. I’ll discuss this more later…

In the meantime however, I very much encourage everyone to listen to a discussion that might sound like a conspiracy theory. In his book, Sovereignty or Submission, Jon Fonte outlines the many different people and institutions behind the post-modern globalist philosophy that seeks not to destroy nationalism, but to surpass it, transcend it, and shove us all into a new global government.


Book Discussion: Sovereignty or Submission?


In describing the trans-nationalist intellectual movement, Fonte sets up a model to describe the three competing models of governance. These seem, in my estimation, to mirror the three great philosophical models, that of classical, modern, and post-modern thought. Some of the elements he ascribes to one of the three models are below:

Why Liberals Shouldn’t Celebrate Thanksgiving


As our nation careens uncontrollably into another election year, we take a break again to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Commemorating the gathering of Pilgrims and Native Americans together to give thanks to God (and/or Great Sky Spirit), this day was established as an early tradition by the 1600s, blessed by Abe Lincoln, and comes down to us as the day to take pause and reflect on our blessings.

However, not all Americans celebrate this day, and it seems to me, not all should. It is my contention that Thanksgiving is essentially a conservative holiday, and that it is philosophically and politically opposed to the beliefs of those Americans who would scurrilously assign themselves the epithet of “liberal“.

There are three important and essential elements to the holiday of Thanksgiving: what we give thanks for, from whence this thanks comes, and to whom it is given.

Conservative Americans are thankful for America and those inalienable rights it defends. This gratitude comes from a sense of humility and piety, and is specifically thankful to God for granting them. There are few things more American than this equation.

Now let us look at the Liberal.

The leftist liberal is not thankful. They don’t believe there’s anything to be thankful about. Many of their intellectual heroes excoriate and condemn America publicly. If you believe America is an evil country that was founded for the sake of the few, and has made the world worse, and allowed the rich to exploit the poor, why would you be thankful for America? Let’s look at some examples:

SooperAnalysis: GOP CNN Debate Poll Results

So here are the first results from my very informal twitter flash poll. They are rather… eccentric. Remember, these are not necessarily meant to test the mood of conservatives, but rather to test the validity of this kind of polling against accepted polls.

Take a look:

The surprise is that Michelle made such gains – is this a real bump or just some pro-Michelle fans screwing up my poll like the Ron Paulestinians? We’ll have to keep an eye on her polls. Nationally, she’s doing really poorly.

The second surprise is Huntsman coming in third. I just can’t see how this is representative. He has never had that much support.

It would be less surprising to see Newt as the frontrunner. He did well at the debate, though not as well as he done in prior debates. Meanwhile, his main competitor, Mitt Romney, hardly showed up at all. Perry didn’t much better.

I would think that the best interpretation of these results is that the far right very much approves of Newt, as I would think most of my followers are far right wingers. I’d call this flash poll a sucess if Bachmann and Huntsman improved somewhat, Mitt and Ron Paul showed some decrease in support, and Rick Perry stayed about the same.

I’ll be updating as more votes are recorded, and as more scientific polls are reported.

[vote here on the original poll]
[results from a previous twitter flash poll]


Some more results from overnight voting, controlled for Ron Paulestinian crackhead bum rush polling trolls:

The results don’t change much going to the second question:

Is Newt losing support? Even though many more thought he won the debate, fewer still support him for the nomination. He made, I think, a significant problem for himself when he tried to describe his immigration policy as more “humane“. He could have argued his point without characterizing those who might disagree as “inhumane”, regardless of the veracity of the issue. I think my favorite amphibian-American might see a drop in support.

I don’t know what to make of Bachmann‘s results in my poll. I didn’t think she did amazingly well, though she did improve. Are we going to go through the entire “anti-Mitt” cycle again? It completely missed Santorum and Huntsman!

The only other interesting thing to note is that fewer respondents thought Rick Perry won the debate, even though they support him. Same thing with Cain, though his support has absolutely collapsed.


CNN Debate poll

Since my last poll after Sarah Palin dropped out of the race went so well, I thought we’d give it another try.

My poll on who won the debate tonight. Open to gringos and non-gringos alike:

CAVEAT! This is to test the accuracy of twitter flash polling – this is not scientific in almost any way except in some quasi-metaphysical twitter way that science does not understand yet.

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Newt Versus Obama…

I am almost completely in the Newtster’s camp, or as I like to refer to him, daNOOOOT!!

Jonah Goldberg outlines why Gingrich has comeback to seize higher poll numbers, and that problems he will have winning the nomination and the general election. [read here]

Now, I’m not Catholic. However, I understand the power of having a respect and intellectual grasp of Western Civilization while maintaining sincerely the faith that guided the philosophical and political development of our world. [read here]

…but this, more than anything, animates my Newt support – the possibility that this scene will unfold before America:

Don’t let his stupid commercial with Pelosi about Global Warming scare you off – he completely repudiates it. [watch here]

And if you want a taste of what it’s gonna be like to watch daNOOOT utterly decimate Obama, watch this little medley of our brilliant amphibian friend destroying the morons of the mainstream media: [watch here]


If you want to read the most critical reasons why you shouldn’t be for the Nootster: [read here]

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Newt Destroying Mainstream Media

I’m pretty sure Talking Points Memo put this together to try to deride Newt as a rhetorician.
Instead they compiled some of the best conservative clips since Chris Christie.

I especially like the way Maria Bartoromo was so disturbed by having a conservative  candidate push back on their stupid questions for once.  She was especially eager to come after Newt, and he disarmed her with ease. I think his recent surge is less because conservatives think he can win the election, and more because they want to see him decimate Obama.

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Occupy Portland Members made Bombs to attack Police

How many times have we heard that the Tea Party is full of violent extremists but the Occupy movement is peaceful and beautiful? Obviously, these bombs were made to explode with shrapnel of joy and incendiary goodness…

picture of the bomb found on occupy protesters

A traffic stop of a speeding vehicle led to the arrest of three men, who claimed to be Occupy Portland demonstrators, and the seizure of incendiary devices, gas masks and fireworks.


Traffic Safety Deputy Ryan Postlewait saw a gray Subaru Outback going southbound on Interstate 5 near milepost 245 at 8:40am.  It was traveling at a high rate of speed.  Using his radar, he verified the speed of the Subaru at 81mph.  Postlewait initiated a traffic stop.

The driver of the car was identified as William Maxwell Patterson, 21.  The passengers in the car were identified as Emery Nicholas Luff, 21 and Zachary Salzwedel-Kemp, 20.  All three were from Klamath Falls. Continue reading

Perry Calls for Congressional Insider Trading to be Outlawed

This is very smart on the part of the Perry campaign to jump on an issue that is grabbing headlines, and will most likely anger most voters who care about corruption in the highest levels of government.

“Congress certainly can’t be trusted to watch our money. And now it’s clear they can’t be trusted with theirs. Any congressman or senator that uses their inside knowledge to profit in the stock market ought to be sent to jail, period. And Congress ought to pass a law that says so right now–no ifs, ands, or buts.”

This is especially important for the Perry campaign as they try to fend off crony capitalism charges themselves.

The fact that the Occupy Wall Street movement marches on without any semblance of a rational, reachable goal, when something as simple as pushing for the “Stock Act” as described in the 60 Minutes report is neglected shows the dearth of common sense among those ‘protesters’.

Meanwhile, Newt “danooot” Gingrich calls for big banks to be divided up to reduce the threat of another “too big to fail” event in need of a government bailout.

“We should probably reestablish dividing up the big banks into a banking function and an investment function and separating them out again.”