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Cain is OUT – Who will you support?

Sad to see Herb go. It’s harder to escape the conclusion that he did some Clintoning around on his wife, and it derailed a great guy, even if not a great campaign. In some ways, I think the GOP dodged a bullet.

However, no one cares what I think, except maybe Alec Baldwin, but I DO CARE what YOU think! SO take my completely unscientific GRINGOpinion poll! It’ll only take a few seconds, and you might win a golden sombrero! If someone else gives you one. I didn’t mean to imply any causation. I’m an empiricist*.






[the homies are encouraged to vote as well.]
*I am not an empiricist.

Results as of 5:35pm, December 3rd 2011

Looks like, at least according to this poll, that Perry will be the beneficiary of Herb leaving the field. I’ll post results from national polls to test how accurate my twitter polling is…