Occupy Wall Street

Cops Cleanse Portland of Occupy Filth

Some pics and quotes from the police moving in on Occupy Portland. [explicit language]

12:10 am
“f*ck all of you!”
“i hope your pensions are taken away!”
“you c**ksuckers!”
chant “shame on you!”

12:24 am
chanting “city hall”

chanting “whose streets? our streets!”

“the park is closed for an emergency closure.. you are now being order to leave the park..” (police)

“this is not a fascist state!!”

“if you remain in the park, you are subject to arrest”

“how can you change the park hours??!?!”

“we got their sh*t!! own it now!”

“Mic check! I got one question! f*ck WHO? f*ck the police!!”

“very aggressive the way they’re mowing through this camp right now”


“you have no honor!!”

“this is a peaceful f*cking protest!”

they moved to city hall after being evicted..

“those who make peaceful protest impossible make violent revolution impossible! that’s it man!”