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Occupy Oakland shutting down ports


8:46 PT: chanting: “This is what a police state looks like!”


8:37 PT: “You’re sitting there in those Iranian uniforms! Just like the ones they beat those people in Iran!”
“Shame on you, who’s a Christian? Raise your hand! My God is watching you!”
“You turned your back on him, man!”


8:57AM PT: “They’re probably all FBI. Homeland Security – they watch my stream!”

10:03 PT: “The longshoremen are going home. For all intents and purposes, the port of Oakland has been effectively shut down!”


“We should be thankful and happy for what we did. Once again, Oakland proved to the world, that you can’t F#$% with us!”

10:20 PT: Nice pigtails, buddy. If you want to “de-colonize” North America, there’s nothing keeping you from moving to Europe.


As reported on the ground, cops are moving in, arresting occupiers, and letting the ports operate:

And a reporter at the site:

Planning from the organizers:

1:18PM PT: They’re waiting for the big group to march back – they only have “two, maybe three dozen” protesters…