Law of Diminishing Alternative Gender Returns

I knew this would happen. Just when I got used to typing LGBTetc., for Lesbian, Gay, BiSexual, et cetera’d people, they up and changed the acronym on me…

From the “Audre Lorde Project”, at www.alp.org

I don’t think I will join the Justice Campaign. I want to start a campaign against the abuse of Acronyms. I mean really, how many people are you adding to this group when you start including, “Two Spirit” people, and “Gender Non-Conforming People”? That little confused acronym is just limping along at this point. Let’s take a look:


This is the “Human Centipede” equivalent of Acronyms. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, don’t google it. It will devalue me in your mind.

Notice that they’re committed to “struggling across differences.” If you even attempt to ease your differences with someone else in a light manner, some LGBTSTGNCP activist will jab you in the eye and force you struggle. That doesn’t sound pleasant. I’m not even gonna ask what a “Two Spirit” person is.

Thanks, Audre Lorde Project! You’ve ruined my day!

coming soon: the Anti-Acronym Abuse Association of Humanity. AAAAH!!