Occupy LA idiots are idiotic

The filthy hipsters at Occupy Los Angeles have decided to shift their focus to immigration policy. From the Daily News:

Dubbed the “Occupy ICE” protest, short for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, the peaceful march brought out a wide spectrum of labor groups and community activists.

Shouting slogans like, “We are the 99percent” and “Yes, We Can,” protesters spent about an hour and a half walking from Olvera Street to a federal building on Los Angeles Street.

Good luck with that, morons.

At the end of the short article, came this funny tidbit:

Daisy Arcos held a sign for the Party for Socialism and Liberation, but admitted she was clueless about the group’s work.

“I was just asked to hold the sign,” said Arcos, a Service Employees International Union Member.

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