US to GREECE total debt comparison

Here is your “I don’t see a problem here” graph/stats for the day: A comparison of the total debt, and gross domestic product between the blessed United States and the plummeting Greece.

Sure, most people cite the GDP to Debt ratio, which is important. However, sometimes the pure scale of the problem is disguised by ratios. Our debt is $15 trillion this year, and Greece’s debt is about $300 billion (Euros converted to Dollars). That’s 50 times as much debt, people. FIFTY TIMES as MUCH DEBT.

Yes, yes, I know, I know, their debt to GDP ratio is about 146% and ours just hit 100% [thanks Obama!].

So… I don’t see a problem here:

I mean, it’s not like we can’t just TAX our way out of it. Oh. We can’t? …I don’t see a problem here.

sources: EUROSTAT and


I’m reminded that in 2008, Obama’s slogan was “YES WE CAN!”, and as early as a few months ago, Obama promised as he grinned like an idiot, “We’re halfway there!”. We certainly are well on our way to Greece’s 146% ratio…

Alec Baldwin not “horny” enough to run for Mayor

Alec's Sweaty Neck from his AA incident

Well, Mexicans might be raping California, but New York City at least, has been saved by one, brave, handsome, witty and intelligent Conservative Mexyman. That would be me!

There’s all sorts of terrible things happening in the world, like the deaths of Christopher Hitchens and Vaclav Havel, and the collapse of Iraq into chaos, but as a distraction from all that, I offer you this little bit of mexcellent news:

Alec Baldwin Rules Out NYC Mayoral Run, Cites Lack of Horniness

Yes, it seems that all the liberal ranting and general insanity of the last few weeks have caught up to our poor fat-headed friend, and taken away his spirited determination to fix New York City! Or maybe all that Occupying Onanism just spent his vital fluids?

“I’ve got a good job,” he said. “Is it the most creative thing in the world? … Am I doing some edgy, like finely chiseled social drama? No. Am I doing ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’? No. I’m doing a sitcom. But we have fun, and it’s a family.” Continue reading

Why is a Saudi Arabian Prince Investing in Twitter?

Conservative Daily News is reporting that a Saudi Arabian prince announced investing in Twitter through his company today:

On Monday Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, along with his company Kingdom Holding Co., announced a $300 million dollar investment into microblogging website Twitter. This comes after months of negotiations and is meant to give the company a boost as they attempt to garner more advertising. At this time it is not clear how much of Twitter the Prince will control.

In September CEO Dick Costolo said the investments would allow the company to control its own destiny and avoid, at this time, having to take to company public.

Is there an ulterior motive for this investment? If the Saudi Arabian prince owns part of Twitter, could he use his influence to shut it down in his country should the Arab Spring threaten the autocratic rule of the Saudis? This is pure mexspeculation at this point, of course.

I am not among those hopeful liberal morons who think all despotic governments will fall before the powerful might of Twitter.  However, it is clear from Iran’s shutting down Facebook and tampering with Twitter during an attempted insurrection, China’s clamping down on all social media, including blogging, and other examples, that these resources help resistance to despotic rule organize themselves.



Michele Bachman “We love you” to Newt in 2008

Partial transcript from St. Paul, Minnesota back in 2008 via

“You all probably know our featured guest and beloved friend Newt Gingrich this morning as the former speaker of the House. He made an indelible mark that literally changed the course of the United States. He was speaker of the House from 1995 to 1999 and he was almost better known than our president during those years, he made such a strong mark. Even before that, he was a leading conservative member of the United States Congress from the state of Georgia.”

“He founded the Conservative Opportunity Society, which I frequent every week – I put it on my calendar when I’m in Washington. This is the incubator, if you will, of new, great conservative ideas and I go there every Wednesday morning. And Newt kicked that off for us.  In 1988 he helped bring down the Democrat Speaker of the House Jim Wright over ethics violations, some of you may remember that. In 1989 he was the minority whip, and he was the architect of the revolution that wrested control of the House of Representatives from 40 years of Democrat rule. This is the man who put that together, and put Republicans in control for the first time in 1994 with the Contract With America. For that, he owes a great debt of thanks, and we appreciate his work on that. He also carries the distinction of in 1994 being named Time Magazine’s person of the year. And following his time in elected office I think he felt he made a step up because he returned to a life that he loves so well, and that’s being a professor.  And he’s going to continue to school all of us this morning.

He sure will, Michele.

And she says to him personally, in a moment that the mics catch:

“What a treat. What a treat, Speaker. This is real. This is from the heart. We love you here. We love you.”

Occupy LA idiots are idiotic

The filthy hipsters at Occupy Los Angeles have decided to shift their focus to immigration policy. From the Daily News:

Dubbed the “Occupy ICE” protest, short for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, the peaceful march brought out a wide spectrum of labor groups and community activists.

Shouting slogans like, “We are the 99percent” and “Yes, We Can,” protesters spent about an hour and a half walking from Olvera Street to a federal building on Los Angeles Street.

Good luck with that, morons.

At the end of the short article, came this funny tidbit:

Daisy Arcos held a sign for the Party for Socialism and Liberation, but admitted she was clueless about the group’s work.

“I was just asked to hold the sign,” said Arcos, a Service Employees International Union Member.

As heard on @KFIAM640

Law of Diminishing Alternative Gender Returns

I knew this would happen. Just when I got used to typing LGBTetc., for Lesbian, Gay, BiSexual, et cetera’d people, they up and changed the acronym on me…

From the “Audre Lorde Project”, at

I don’t think I will join the Justice Campaign. I want to start a campaign against the abuse of Acronyms. I mean really, how many people are you adding to this group when you start including, “Two Spirit” people, and “Gender Non-Conforming People”? That little confused acronym is just limping along at this point. Let’s take a look:


This is the “Human Centipede” equivalent of Acronyms. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, don’t google it. It will devalue me in your mind.

Notice that they’re committed to “struggling across differences.” If you even attempt to ease your differences with someone else in a light manner, some LGBTSTGNCP activist will jab you in the eye and force you struggle. That doesn’t sound pleasant. I’m not even gonna ask what a “Two Spirit” person is.

Thanks, Audre Lorde Project! You’ve ruined my day!

coming soon: the Anti-Acronym Abuse Association of Humanity. AAAAH!!

Glenn Beck Destroys Godwin’s Law

You know it had to happen.  Mike Godwin discovered the a priori axiom of internet discourse that inevitably any large online discussion will lead to a comparison to Hitler. The corollary is that whomever does so loses this argument. We all knew that the day would come when a world historical figure would save us from the tyranny of dogmatic laws of discourse. Somehow, we all knew in our cold little hearts that this person would be Glenn Beck.

Short CLip of Glenn Beck comparing Newt to Hitler, Mussolini

I will be posting a longer clip that follows the logic – basically, Newt called himself “Wilsonian”, and Woodrow Wilson was a Progressive, and Hitler was a Progressive, and they all want to get things done, so, Newt, Hitler. Obvious.

Thus the Glenn Beck Syllogism is birthed upon the shuddering earth!

However,  in a move that might push all into existential angst and nihilism, @Beckett8 observes,

Glenn Beck would vote for Ron Paul before Gingrich. But Ron Paul was ok with the Jews being Nuked. You know who else was ok with killing all the Jews? Hitler! Therefore Ron Paul is Hitler, and Gingrich is Hitler, therefore Ron Paul is Gingrich.

If the principle of  “You know who else did that?” of logic contradicts itself, then all knowledge is impossible.





You can watch the debate on your favorite Mexican’s website! The debate begins at 9:00pm EST, and the pregame coverage begins at 8:30pm EST.
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If the video doesn’t work for you, try it straight from ABC’s WEBSITE: CLICK HERE.

When the hashtag for the event is determined, I’ll switch this to show tweets about the debate. Until then, enjoy your SMOTUStweets!

Finance industry among largest “bundler” contributors to Obama

It is incredible that people like Alec Baldwin and many of the Occupy Wall Street vermin so strongly support Barack Obama while advocating to get big money out of politics. Far be it from the Left to let facts and reason get in their way of shoving their political agenda down America’s throat.

Here’s just one example – among those entities that “bundle” money in order to sidestep campaign donation regulations, Obama has received enormous amounts of money from those interests that the aforementioned morons are so passionately against. Do they honestly believe that the securities and investment sector would give $10 million to Obama and not demand anything for it?

Maybe they do. After all, they think that crapping on cop-cars and frightening children is noble protest.

Alec Baldwin Run Out of Twitter

The Conservative twitter community can breathe a sigh of relief and mocking derision at the self-banishment of Leftist elitist moron and gringo, Alec Baldwin…

Warning of this last night after his breakdown on an airplane because he wasn’t allowed to play “Words with Friends” at the gate, Alec tweeted this:

This screenshot was taken once he had “deactivated” his account, which only shows that he doesn’t really understand how twitter works. He could have cancelled his account very easily. Continue reading

Ron Paulestinians Hack Rick Perry’s Website

Apparently some Ron Paul fans hacked the site of Rick Perry and thought they’d pull a little trick on him..

Here’s some video I shot of it.

Apologies for the poor quality, but I don’t know how long it’ll be up. It shows the character of his supporters – this is exactly the kind of mentality that wins straw polls but doesn’t win elections.

Sorry Ron Paul, you can hack straw polls and websites, but you can’t hack elections.


As it turns out, Rick Perry’s official site is not, but This means they’ve been sitting on this address for a while, and we’ve only caught up now. It also means the Perry campaign did a poor job of covering all its bases in the social media sphere.

Investigative bloggerette Prudence Paine uncovered some facts about the site to illuminate just how this happened:

The owner of the domain has chosen to keep his identity and contact information private, but he has owned the domain since May 5, 1998. Continue reading