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Slippery Willard Princess Mittens defeats Santorum, despite a mixup earlier where Santorum was declared the winner.

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[5pm CAUCUS day]

Some surprising results from the latest Iowa Caucus results. This poll was taken this last Sunday, just 2 days before the Iowa Caucus.

Basically there’s a top tier competition between Romney and crazy Ron Paul, with a second tier between Newt and Santorum. Santorum, if the entire error margin falls his way, can get within Ron Paul’s mark. It’s pretty tight…

When compared to previous polling, we see Newt gaining a little bit, and Perry the big loser, while Santorum continues his skyrocket to relevance. This could be a campaign killer for some.

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A radio news source IN IOWA: http://bit.ly/Av2JGz

Hugh Hewitt, Romney-Butt-kisser, will be broadcasting all night: CLICK HERE

The Caucus voting will begin at 8pm. Most will start reporting by 9pm some results, and TOTALS should be available by 11pm or MIDNIGHT!

RESULTS should be posted here at the Des Moines Register once available: CLICK HERE


The lovely and talent Dana Loesch provided this link to CNN’s twitter coverage: CLICK HERE

NEWS: The rumors were right!!! Kieth Olbermann snubbed for election coverage by Al GOre and CURRENT TV!! Haw haw! CLick here to tweet and mock the moron!


NEWS: Alec Baldwin loses a contract for advertising for Syracuse Grocer WEGMAN’s! Haw haw, pendejo!!! But, we all lose, as it’s announced he’s also picked up a contract to host an NFL honors show before the SuperBowl!!! gahhh!!

FORGET THAT! Read the hilarious 2011 SOOPER AWARDS REVIEW show instead!!


ROn Paul’s last stand campaign video!!!!


Keith Olbermann acts as if his idiot followers were able to get him back on the air..what a putz! TWEET HERE

BREITBART is streaming a real live Caucus!!! Booooreeeng!



Laura INgraham is reporting that Ron Paulestinians are interrupting the caucus proceedings.. of course they are, they can’t stand anyone else actually have a say. HER TWEET HERE


des moines register has ron paul way up:




RON Paul screwing over our country,..


GREAT LINK with RESULTS and STREAMING video from a local news broadcast!



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