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One of the funnest parts of twitter is getting commentary from like-minded people on those events which are important to you. Also, snarky comments about stuff you don’t like. In this case, it was the improbable and incredible Wildcard Playoff win by Tim Tebow and the Broncos against the Steelers.

This has become a battle in the culture war, as it seems that atheists and secularists despise the man simply because he’s so outspoken about his faith, and his pro-life stance. This has inspired a Conservative and Christian backlash, leading to many interesting skirmishes.

Here are some of my contributions from last night, some explanatory notes, and others’ tweets.

This is rather ridiculous, as ESPN has showed it’s Leftist bias by punishing those critical of Obama, allowing those supportive to have full reign, and openly mocking Tebow.

Ok, I might have exaggerated slightly.

These are the succession of tweets I had as we went into overtime. I actually was tweeting that second one as the bar went crazy and the TD pass was thrown. I almost missed it because I wanted to grace my twitter followers with my wit! You see what I sacrifice for you?!

Leigh summed up what I think the right position of Christians to take when talking about Tebow, despite the idiotic strawman argument that our detractors take against us. They claim that we cheer because we think God cares about football or only cares about Tebow. That’s just not the case.

This was the first tweet I saw that the connection between his yards thrown and the well-known scripture that is often used at sports games to appropriate camera attention to what matters most:

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” – John3:16

Apparently this is Tebow’s favorite scripture, and he’s even worn it on his eye-black in other games. You don’t have to believe this has to have a great significance to enjoy what at least, is an interesting coincidence.

This was an obvious reference. To Abe Vigoda.

This is a reference to the scripture, “O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?” in 1 Corinthians 15:55. And of course, the new overtime rules that allow for the team first possessing the ball to win by scoring a touchdown, called a sudden death in sports lingo.

This is a reference to Numbers 16, where the Lord makes the earth swallow up the family of an enemy of Aaron and Moses.

I was just excited here.

This one got the most retweets – just to clarify, that is NOT the actual text in Chronicles. The actual text is instructive though:

“Then the people rejoiced, for that they offered willingly, because with perfect heart they offered willingly to the LORD: and David the king also rejoiced with great joy.”

Iowahawk consistently nails the best tweets with hilarity and insight – here’s what he had to say:


Finally, let’s close it out with a simple, humble and generous message from the miracle-man himself, Tom Tebow: