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Dana Loesch Appearance on CNN foils Leftists’ Crusade against Tolerance

Ever since Tea Party activist Dana Loesch made her comments about the Marine Micturation scandal, her most vocal filthy Leftist opponents have tried to mock her, saying that CNN would not have her on as commentator anymore. On twitter and the liberal blogosphere, many on the Left have called on CNN to fire her for giving her opinion, because as we all know, the Left is always tolerant of dissenting beliefs.

Well, Dana announced this morning the following:

So wow, these tweets from halfwit Eric Boehlert of Media Matters for America, and the post from turncoat founder of Little Green Footballs Charles Johnson (@lizardoid),  look kinda stupid now:



From Little Greent Footballs:

“…as far as I can tell Loesch has not been on air since she made those disgraceful comments. In fact, she’s been absent from all of the following events:

  • The CNN debate in South Carolina.
  • The South Carolina primary.
  • Post-debate analysis of Monday’s debate in Florida.
  • The CNN debate in Florida.

It’s hard to know exactly what’s going on, but my guess is that CNN, as they stated, is not punishing her for the comments themselves. Rather, the controversy created by the comments caused CNN to finally start carefully considering what value Loesch actually brought to the network, and what damage to their reputation was done by paying a Breitbart editor to contribute.”

I hope CNN keeps Dana on to have an independent Conservative Tea Party voice, and have some semblance of credibility and objectivity to their network.