Dana Loesch Appearance on CNN foils Leftists’ Crusade against Tolerance

Ever since Tea Party activist Dana Loesch made her comments about the Marine Micturation scandal, her most vocal filthy Leftist opponents have tried to mock her, saying that CNN would not have her on as commentator anymore. On twitter and the liberal blogosphere, many on the Left have called on CNN to fire her for giving her opinion, because as we all know, the Left is always tolerant of dissenting beliefs.

Well, Dana announced this morning the following:

So wow, these tweets from halfwit Eric Boehlert of Media Matters for America, and the post from turncoat founder of Little Green Footballs Charles Johnson (@lizardoid),  look kinda stupid now:

Mitt Romney’s Attack Dogs!

Mitt has set his attack dogs out in the media to sniff around any dissension and rip at the jugular of any dissident that would dare threaten the coronation of their king and savior. Thank goodness we have them to corral us and let us know what boundaries there are to Democracy – we’re just stupid peons who are unable to order ourselves…

Here’s a video for you to watch the graceful attack from Ann. Her mouth-foaming, irrational prattling is as persuasive as a screeching harpy. Continue reading

Willard Romney Greatly Outspending Newt in FL TV Ads

ABC News reports that Mitt Romney is spending almost 4 times as much in TV ad time in Florida than the Newt forces.

So far, Romney has bought $5.6 million worth of airtime and the pro-Romney super PAC, Restore Our Future, has shelled out a whopping $8.2 million, according to a Republican media buyer who is tracking ad spending in the state. Continue reading

Newt’s 1994 Speech

There has been a lot of bloody disputation about this election cycle’s interlocutors, and their core beliefs. Many have questioned just what it is that Newt Gingrich. Glenn Beck called him a progressive and a Hitler.

I think it’s important to look at his record and at what he’s said in the past to determine what he believes the most. So this speech he gave at the “Returning Power to the States” conference, given December 9, 1994 given before ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, might be somewhat enlightening about his positions.

Click to watch the Video

click the image to watch the video of Newt’s speech

As the speech begins, Newt makes note of his tie, which bears the picture of a “triceratops breaking out of it’s shell.” This brought on a lot of laughs from the Republican audience, as it appeared to be a metaphor of Newt’s own breaking out of a shell.

Immediately, he launches into his budget cuts – remember he hasn’t even assumed the Speakership at this point:

“We eliminated 28 specialized inteest groups from the congress, we eliminated 3 congressional committees, we cut congressional staffs by a third, and we adopted a resolution that will sell at least one office building that we currently occupy.”

This is not the tone of a progressive, but that of a Speaker that takes pride in every single cut of government. He continues:

“My only challenge to you is very simple. I do not believe you can be too bold in asking us to send power and responsibility back home..” Continue reading

The Rules of GOP Primary Internecine Warfare

The bloody implosion of the GOP continues as we wade through the foetid river of blood and burnt flesh from our erstwhile friends. From the banks we hear the laughter and mockery of our liberal enemy, and as we swing wildly our swords, hacking each other mercilessly, we stare at the filthy socialists. And we will fight until one camp conquers the others. Then we will direct our vicious onslaught towards the true adversary…

So anyway! That’s fun. I’ve noticed that while I’ve tried to be somewhat reasonable about who I attack and how, not everyone is following the same rules. So let’s call this the SooperMexican Geneva Convention of the Rules of Internecine Warfare. That’s right.. the… SGCotRoIW. That seems long. Ok, get rid of the articles. SGCRIW. Let’s roll…


In the form of tweets. Because these days, everything is.

ARTICLE ONE: Do not be a crazed rabid supporter of any candidate.


Ok Ok.. that last one was more of a personal vendetta against Ann Coulter.. still.. it applies!

SO, if you spot ANYONE being an idiot zombie supporter of any candidate, immediately, and kindly, remind them that they are in violation of the SooperGeneva Convention of Internecine Primary Warfare. If they persist, immediately, and kindly, institute a citizen’s arrest (or illegal aliens’ arrest, if you are not sufficiently documented), and march them to your nearest FEMA camp.. Don’t worry, Alex Jones will save them all.

Mitt Supports Liberal Tactic Against Conservatives

The ethics violations charges and fine that has dogged Newt Gingrich since he was forced out of congress has once again become an issue. Mitt Romney and his supporters keep throwing this at Gingrich, even though the evidence shows there was no wrong-doing, and the accusations were completely false.

This short newsclip has some of the details from the exoneration of Newt in 1999:
h/t VerumSerum

So why are some conservatives pushing a decades old lie that was used to bring down one of own? Because they’re desperate.

At Verum Serum:

In short, Democrats trumped up some BS charges against the #1 threat to their congressional empire by applying standards they would never and have never applied to their friends. This is the same tactic used on Sarah Palin to hound her out of office. Keep filing charges until you create so much smoke that people assume there must be a fire. Charges appear on the front page, word that charges were nonsense appear much later and deeper in the papers.

In fact, Chris Christie has used this false allegation as the main argument for Newt being unstable and unreliable. If that’s the best case, and it’s false, then they either have no argument or at all, or are just terrible at debating these things.





What Did Mitt Say?

During tonight’s Florida Debate, there was an odd moment that made my brown little ears perk up (while mostly snoring through the terrible event). Some others heard the same thing  I thought I heard and tweeted about it. Did Mitt say “they no speak English well” while discussing the question on our proposed national language? What do you think, gringos?

South Carolina News Outlets Spread FAKE Newt Press Release

South Carolina is known for some dirty politics. This primary is no different.

Early today a faked press release supposedly from the Newt Gingrich campaign was sent to news outlets under a false email account. Rather than fact check it, some chose to run with the story that could damage Gingrich significantly.

WBTW is one of the idiotic outlets that refuses to take down the story.

They also have it on their facebook page:

Yesterday a similar trick was used to smear Newt – an email was sent supposedly from the Bachmann campaign saying that she had not decided who she would endorse, but it would definitely not be Newt. Representatives from the Bachmann quickly denied the story:

Alice Stewart, spokeswoman for the former presidential candidate, told GreenvilleOnline.com in an interview that someone forwarded the statement to her, and that even though it bore the same email address as her later, official statement, it was not from the campaign.

She declined to discuss who might have sent it, saying only that campaign officials have investigated links contained in the false statement.

“I can say with 100 percent complete certainty our campaign had nothing to do with that email,” Stewart said. The false statement said Bachmann would not be endorsing Gingrich.

“The Bachmann for President campaign has not issued an official statement regarding an endorsement of any current candidate in the GOP race ahead of the South Carolina primary,” Stewart said in an official statement sent to the press today. “Any information found to the contrary is inaccurate.”

So who is sending fake emails to derail the Newt Gingrich campaign?

Of course these are the kinds of stories that are quickly reported, stick in the minds of the voters, and slowly sway opinion away from a candidate. It shows the lengths to which Newt is a threat to either the Mitt, Ron Paulestinian, or even Obama campaigns. I rather doubt it’s from squeaky clean Mr. Sweatervest. But then again, maybe I’m a secret double agent actually running cover for Rick Santorum?!

I’ll investigate this unsubstantiated accusation against myself immediately.



As of 4:00 pm they had finally deleted this tweet sending out the false story:


ABC’s Jake Tapper An Old School Rap Fan?

Among the pandemonium of all the news breaking this morning, I was fortunate enough to catch ABC reporter Jake Tapper’s tweeting out the link to a great old school rap song from the early days when rap was still happy.

Here’s the song – there’s not really video to look at, and it’s explicit towards the end:

Continue reading

South Carolina Debate Twitters

The bloody Republican debate from South Carolina was held last night. Here’s some commentary in clever, witty or insightful tweets.

Also, mine are in there too.

Ordered according to prospective nominee:


If Perry did this on purpose, it was very clever. If it was an accident, it was a fortuitous one. On allowing felons to vote:


Liberal Degenerate “NewTone” Tweets against Dana Loesch

Dana Loesch Scares Liberal Cowards

Another war of tweets broke out between we noble Conservatives, and they, filthy degenerate liberals. This time it was over the Micturating Marine Muslim controversy, and specifically over our side’s warrior pundit, Dana Loesch. The media predictably tossed contumely upon our military while providing absolutely no context either about the atrocities on the Talibani side, or the media’s past attempts to blame the sitting commander-in-chiefwhenever any military personnel committed any unsavory act. Of course, this principle only applies when a Republican is in power.

What really drove the leftist crackheads insane were these comments from Dana on her show:

“Can someone explain to me if there’s supposed to be a scandal that someone pees on the corpse of a Taliban fighter? Someone who, as part of an organization, murdered over 3,000 Americans? I’d drop trou and do it too. That’s me though. I want a million cool points for these guys. Is that harsh to say? Come on people, this is a war. What do people think this is?” Continue reading