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Tim Tebow Hints at Political Career

Learn to tie a tie, Tebow!

Can we look forward to voting for Senator Tebow someday?

From Newsmax:

Denver Broncos quarterback and devout evangelical Christian Tim Tebow is hinting that one day he may seek a post-football second career in politics.

In an interview broadcast Saturday night, the unabashed religious conservative said he could one day explore politics “if it’s something I care about.” “I don’t know — it could be something in my future,” Tebow said, speaking to Dave Feherty — host of the Golf Channel’s “Feherty Live.” “If it’s something I care about, possibly.”“A lot of people are praying for me, a lot of people are encouraging me,” Tebow continued. “Ultimately I know that my goal and my platform through the game of football isn’t just to score touchdowns and win games. You know, it’s about being a great role model and setting an example for the next generation. My ultimate goal is to be an athlete that some mom or dad can look at their son and daughter and say, ‘That’s someone who’s trying to do it the right way, that’s someone who’s trying to live with character.”
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His reasoning for why he might get into politics isn’t the most reassuring one – I’d hope people would have better articulated causes for getting into politics. On the other hand, given the quality of politicians, maybe such unassuming intentions might do the profession some good…

Tebow’s comment on politics isn’t included – just the other quoted statement.