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Occupy CPAC Attacks AGAIN!

The filthy Occcupying degenerates tried to attack CPAC again, this time in protest against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s speech, which incidentally, was one of the most substantive speeches I’ve heard so far at CPAC. I highly recommend watching it, and donating to his re-election campaign. He completely convinced me of the importance of his re-election in the battle to save America from the slothful grasp of the Union thugs.

Click here to see pictures, tweets and video from the first wave of attack!


Someone posted this video of the degenerates carting around a golden toilet – apparently the source from which all their political understanding comes from? Another thing to note is how the cop growls at the innocent CPAC attendee. I understand that they’re trying to keep order, but it was the Occupiers causing all the ruckus.



This very clever sign was snapped by “QueerJohn.” It reads, Racist, Sexist, Anti-Gay, CPAC Bigots, Go Away!” Now I’m impressed by the rhyme, by not so much by the medium – cardboard? Really? Expect netter production values from gay people. Though, given how they’re dressed…

From CPAC attendee point of view: