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Media Matters For America’s David Brock Refuses to Respond to Charges on Ed Show

David Brock, founder of liberal media propaganda outlet Media Matters for America, was on the Ed Schultz Show today to promote his book on Fox News. While there, Ed asked him about a series of articles at the Daily Caller, exposing how MMFA organizes media messaging for the Obama administration.

Listen to the audio below:

DAVID BROCK on the ED SHOW refuses to answer to charges

He said, in part:

“The noise from the Daily Caller, which was picked up and trumpeted far and wide by Fox News… happened all in the run up to the publication of this book… Folks know that Tucker Carlson is a paid contributor of the Fox News channel…to dampen, I think, the effect that we think the book is going to have, and I don’t think they haven succeeded. We haven’t responded. Reuters said that the piece was bad journalism and propaganda, and we don’t feel we need to respond to that.

Brock was non-responsive, only defensively quoting Reuters about the piece. Makes you think that if the Daily Caller had lied, then perhaps Brock would be a little more mouthy about denying the charges? Earlier in the week, a reporter caught this video of him scurrying away from similar questions.