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Debunking Obama’s “Truth Team” Lies: Part ONE

This is the first in what I hope will be a long series of posts declaiming and mocking the idiocy that is sputtering out of Obama’s “Truth Team”, the reconfigured Attack Watch totalitarian effort to stifle disagreement with this administration’s agenda.

First up, this recent post from February 24th, 2012:

So Obama intends to compare his record on gas prices to Mitt Romney’s record, since it is clear that rising gas prices will be very much on the minds of the American voter this year. Notice the language here – the administration has claimed, and will continue to claim that “demand for foreign oil is at a 16-year low under President Obama,” but offers absolutely no evidence of the policies that he put in place to actually accomplish this. In fact, as lately as March of last year, even Bill Clinton was criticizing Obama for not doing enough to increase gas production!

Perhaps it was because Obama was too busy encouraging his Marxist friends in Latin America to drill off their shore, while maintaining and extending the offshore drilling ban in America!

Here is a map of the areas available for drilling before Obama:

And here is a map of areas available for drilling after Obama’s prohibitions:

[source of maps and data]

So what exactly are the policies of the Obama administration that have helped oil production? Still he’s taking credit for increases in oil production, after admitting that it takes many years for new oil exploration to actually produce oil, because in some magical world only he inhabits, prohibition of oil exploration actually produces more oil!

In other words – in 3 years, his fantasy policies have increased oil production, but it’s a “gimmick” to think that any drilling policies would increase oil production any time soon. Now investing in algae, however, that’s a serious solution!

I’ve already detailed previously how ridiculous the Obama administration is in accusing the Koch Brothers of pushing up gas prices through their enormous influence – read that post here.

The comically misnamed “Truth Team” continues:

Now I’m no big fan of Mitt Romney, but this kind of idiocy needs to be fought against, because it’s going to continue into the election season. So Obama tries to nail Romney on raising state taxes on gas – his minions forget to mention that even after Mitt raised Massachusetts taxes on gas by 2 cents to 23 cents, this figure is still well below the state average of 28.6 cents per gallon! To be exact, it’s 17.7% below the average state tax on gas per gallon!

I’m against raising any taxes at all – but to screech that Mitt raised a tax that was well below a state average, and pretend that Obama’s record is much better is absolutely absurd.

Consider this – the average federal tax on gas is 18.4 cents per gallon – if Obama actually cared about lowering prices at the pump, he could very easily advocate lowering this tax any time he wanted. Has he done so at any time during his first term? NO.

Meanwhile, gas prices have skyrocketed under Obama’s term from $1.79 when Obama entered office, to $3.65, the highest ever for this time of year, more than doubling over his term. Will he take any blame for that? Of course not – it’s the global market, it’s the Koch brothers, it’s Wall Street speculators – it’s anyone but Obama!

Let’s hope that’s the same mantra voters are singing when they go to the voting polls this November.