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“Apologize For WHAT?!” – Andrew Breitbart

Matt Dawson on twitter suggested this design in honor of Andrew Breitbart:

In case you don’t get the reference, this was Andrew’s second to last tweet:

Feel free to download it, and make your own T-shirt. Or you can click on the image to buy one from my online store. If there’s a fund for the Breitbart family, I’ll donate the profits to them. If not, I’ll buy copies of his book and.. I’m not sure.. donate them to people, or beat liberals with them.


A trust fund has been established for the benefit of Andrew’s kids. I’ll be matching all my profits from the shirt sales and sending a check to it. If you’d like to contribute directly to the fund, do so by sending to :

Breitbart Children’s Trust

149 S. Barrington Ave, #735

Los Angeles, CA 90049

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