Media Bias

DailyKos Harbors Pervert Advocating Westboro Picket of Breitbart Funeral

Daily Kos user “dragona82a” exhorted the Westboro Baptist Church to picket the funeral of Conservative activist Andrew Breitbart.

picture from account under Mallia’s name

What readers to the Daily Kos probably don’t know is that “Dragona82a” aka “Lancelot” Jean Mallia is a sex-pervert of the strangest kind.

Mr. Mallia is a sick disgusting left-wing pervert who advocates for plural marriage, sadistic sexual violence against men and women in games he calls “medieval role-play” and has fetishes that can only be described as too damn weird even for the Internet.

First his profile from the Daily Kos:

But under that name, and connected to his email, Mallia pursues plural marriage:

And his account also posted to a bondage website, trolling for participants: [click here, mildly explicit].

This is the kind of left wing hatred that Breitbart endured on a daily basis, and yet we’re the ones labeled as extremist. How disgusting that Daily Kos would allow such an inflammatory post up advocating a disgraceful and pathetic act against the family and friends of Andrew at his funeral.

But it’s not really a surprise to us, is it?

So Markos – are you gonna leave this filth up on you site, or are you gonna deny it ever happened, just like the Occupy rapes?

Special thanks to investigative satirist and alcoholic, @DefendWallSt for the content!!