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Clintonista Reich Tweets Against “Subsidizing Public Indecency”

The brilliant hypocrisy of this tweet is just too perfect not to post:

Now nobody gives a crap what Robert Reich says. The highest points of his career were actually when Rush made fun of his Leftist commentary on his show. I don’t know if he’s done it recently, but Rush used to drag out the “ch” ending of Reich’s last name, like so:    

Maybe that’s why old Robert has it in for Rush. Now this is the same Robert Reich who worked for Bill Clinton – and he’s whining about American dollars subsidizing indecency?! Utterly ridiculous. Of course, it’s ok for HIM to call Rush a slut, right?

h/t @theQueenisMad

Ol’Robert is currently a professor at UC Berkeley – so our tax money subsidizes his idiocy, and yet he demands that private money not go to support Rush’s reasonable assessment of Miss Fluke’s considerable and rabid sexual habits at Georgetown? Brilliant.

But of course, this is actually a distraction – Robert is being a faithful drone and spouting the liberal lie in order to defeat conservatives, and divert the public’s gaze from Obama’s failures.