Zucotti Protester Wants to Legalize Teachers Occupying Students

Apparently it’s the 6 month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street protest, and some parasites decided they’d come down to Zucotti Park and perpetuate the crimes they committed.

Then there’s this, as per a reporter at the scene in Zucotti:


Another pic of the same guy:

It looks like only about a 1,000 cop-car-crappers showed up.

Not much of a showing…

Only 4 arrests so far reported – unfortunately, no pepper spray yet….

Another sighting of the NAMBLA teacher:

I think you all know how I feel about the cop-car-crapping protesters and their idiotic feel-good attack on America. However, I do love me some giant puppets:

More evidence of how the Occupiers just want everyone else to shut up – “Shout It Down!” banner. OccupyFascism anyone?