Occupy Wall Street

Police Searching for Malicious Occupy Protester, Rusty Braxton

Last night the New York Police Department had to deal with all manner of Occupier violence against them, including the vicious attack by longtime violent leftist Cecily McMillan that resulted in her suffering a “panic attack”. read more here

They suspect that some of the events might have been encouraged by someone tweeting under the screenname @Smackema1, and the name “Rusty Braxton.” Of course, now that they’re investigating him, he has tried to scrub all his social media presence. read more here

But some remnants remain:

from okcupid profile


I would hope the NYPD is capturing all of this info, but just in case – his OkCupid profile says he lives in Oviedo Florida. Look at the profile here.

The reason I think this is the guy is that another twitter account called him “Rusty” a while back – that tweet has also been deleted to cover up his identity.

More to come – if you find anything, let me know via twitter at @Soopermexican.com


He has a google+ profile, but hasn’t used it in quite some time. click here to see it


Rusty knew he was caught. He came back online with his twitter, and after whining for a while, shut it all down. Details at Jammie Wearin Fool Blog:

Florida restaurant manager Rusty Braxton is also upset he had to delete his Twitter account because of what he claims is just a misunderstanding.

“I’m not a cop hater,” Braxton, 23, told the Daily News as the NYPD continued to investigate his ugly online remark.

“I don’t want any cops killed. They’re doing their job. They’re civil servants.”

Braxton sent the tweet from his hometown of Oviedo during Saturday’s six-month anniversary protest at Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park.

We wont make a difference if we dont kill a cop or 2,” he wrote.

His Facebook page contains photographs of guns, and he said in his Twitter feed that he has permits for a Mossberg shotgun and a Smith & Wesson pistol.

Hey guess what, pendejo – the rest of the world takes threats against the police seriously. We’re not all degenerate cop-car-crappers spewing idiotic hatred against those institutions that protect us and serve us. Ingrate.