How Is Alec Baldwin Still Employed?

If you need any proof that Hollywood and the entire entertainment industry is ridiculously hypocritical and completely without shame, all you need to know is that Alec Baldwin still has an acting job, and is a spokesperson for various products and services, despite his insanely erratic and disgraceful behavior.

Why should be be excoriated? Let me count the ways…

His verbal abuse of his 13-year-old daughter  revealed on a disgusting message he left on her phone, calling her a “rude little pig”, and not so vaguely threatening corporeal punishment because she embarrassed him. [listen here]

He is a spokesperson for CAPITAL ONE, a bank that accepted an Obama bailout (and has paid it all back), while encouraging the Occupy Wall Street protesters to destroy public property to protest, among other things…. bank bailouts.[read here]

He’s the member of a charitable fund that received funds from Goldman Sachs, not a friend of the Occupy perpetrators, and Exxon Oil, while he screeches and whines about the evils of big oil. [read here]

His various rants on Twitter and else where, attacking people for having opinions different than his. [read here] [and here] [and here]

He mocked women in America who would dare be proud of being mothers. No really. [read here]

His crazed altercation on American Airlines, throwing a tantrum because he couldn’t play a word game. [here]

He set up a “sock puppet” account in order to secretly attack those criticizing him on twitter. [read here]

And the latest, calling a current United States Senator a “whore”, who also happens to be an Army Veteran*:

[update] Once we started pressuring him, the coward deleted the previous tweet… afraid of your beliefs, Alex?

…and that Americans “die for oil”:

Now I don’t care if this idiot is employed – I just think it’s an incredible hypocrisy to let him get away with this crackhead behavior when those who aren’t liberal get struck down for the tiniest grievance.

But if you do care, ask these companies why they still have this moron as a spokesperson (click to retweet):

 *originally I reported he was a Navy veteran – I was corrected.

Some tweets from others – retweet to show your displeasure with Alec Baldwin’s comments:







WND: Alec Baldwin calls Senator “Whore”