How Many African Americans Were Aborted Since Trayvon Died?

Earlier this evening I tweeted the following:

And also:

Some have questioned how I arrived at those numbers, so I thought I would substantiate them. First, there are 1,876 Black babies aborted every day in the United States. Every single day.

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Now there have been 33 days since Trayvon died. So on average, 61,908 Black children have been aborted. There are 365 days in the year. So on average, that’s 684,000 African American children aborted every year.


I’ve had many retweets of the original message, and a lot of people get angry that I would dare state such a fact. To them, it is unrelated that professional race-baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are feeding on this story like vultures on carrion, but few African Americans are as willing to march in protest of the millions of black children aborted every year. I don’t really care to argue the issue – you’re either outraged by the genocide or you’re not. This message sent out by CNN contributor Roland Martin further demonstrates the incredible denial the African-American community has been led into by liberalism:

While America wades in the blood of unborn children, we are outraged by tragedies far less outrageous, far less evil. In no way am I saying that I know definitively what happened that night Trayvon died, and I am not excusing it. What I am saying is that liberal Democrats have convinced the African American community that they should be more incensed about one possibly injust murder, and completely ignore the thousands and thousands of innocent souls that perish day after day, year after year, a sacrifice to selfishness and a terrible stain on the soul of our country

From the latest statistics, in New York City alone, for every 1,000 African-American babies born, 1,448 were aborted. That’s about a 60% rate.


Because so many criticized my number, I tried to find an updated, better referenced citation. At this prolife site from January 2011, they cite the statistic that between 995-1,207 abortions in America are of black children. Taking an average of 1,101 black children per day, we arrive at the following today:


In fact, by proportion, it is likely that even though there are far fewer Blacks living in America, there are about the same total number of Black children aborted as there are Whites:

So where are the marches?

Where’s the outrage?