78-Year Old Man Beaten Because He’s White

This is what America gets in exchange for Obama’s racebaiting for votes and for donations:


h/t Gateway Pundit

The Toledo Blade reported, via Free Republic:

Mr. Watts said one of the boys delivered a single blow to the back of his head during the incident Saturday, knocking the victim to the ground.

At one point, the victim recalled being lifted from the ground so one of the boys could “drop-kick” him in the chest.

One boy, he said, put his foot on the back of the victim’s neck, with another shouting, “Kill him.”

While Mr. Watts was down the boys kicked him, over and over, shouting, “[Get] that white [man]. This is for Trayvon … Trayvon lives, white [man]. Kill that white [man],” according to a police report.

This is not the end, this is just the beginning. Imagine Mr. Watts was your father, or grandfather?

Obama could defuse all this hatred very easily with a short speech. Instead, he invites the pandering vulture Al Sharpton to his Easter breakfast at the White House. How disgusting.

Will Obama come out and say that Mr. Willis could have looked like his grandfather? I doubt it. Those kind of cheap theatrics are saved or the sake of extorting votes from the African American community.

Remember when Gabby Giffords was shot by that psychotic cretin? Immediately the media pinned it on “right wing hatred”, and the “atmosphere” of violence. There was absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Loughner had any ties with the Right, and they pinned it on us. Meanwhile they’re calling us terrorists on the floor of the Senate and Homeland Security puts us on watchlists.

Will the media ever mention at all how Obama is stoking the fires of hatred against white people? Will they take blame for purposely trying to make Zimmerman look like a racist?

NO… the damned lies will march on without any accountability and people like Mr. Willis will be victimized for it.