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Princess “Chandelier Diva” Kieth Olbermann

One of the best events of this entire election season which is otherwise distasteful, frustrating and utterly disheartening, is the wonderfully bitter firing of smug leftist moron Keith Olbermann from Al Gore’s flailing liberal cable channel, Current TV. The acrimony that was hinted at for many months finally burst forth like a pestilent boil, splattering all it’s ugliness on twitter.

I apologize for the picture I just drew in words, and the following picture:

One of the juicy details that flowed forth from this feud is that Olbermann gave the producers of Current enormous headaches over his petty princess demands about the car service provided to him. They claim they had to spend a fortune to try to please him, and he says they were too broke to provide any reliable service. He also supposedly complained about the drivers, calling them “smelly” – just like what you’d expect out of the legendary savior of the 99%! During his appearance on the Dave Letterman Show, he pompously referred to himself as “$10,000 Chandelier” in some tortured analogy. This attempt to gain sympathy failed miserably before Dave’s audience. 

Finally, the car service he had when he was fired was from a company called DIVA, inspiring this exchange over twitter:

Princess Olbermann was apparently highly miffed, and he replied:

To which Dan Foster from National Review added:

This bunched Olbermann’s panties even more, so he shot back: Poor little sullen Keithy!! He thinks that because Dan is an editor of a respected publication that his tweets, even the joke ones, must carry the utmost of journalistic standards that the Chandelier Diva holds to in his own tweetstream with every nugget of wisdom he earned from cow college.

 And that’s how I came to click this true-to-life-picture of Princess “Chandelier Diva” Kieth Olbermann.

Good luck in your lawsuit!