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Forget the Buffet Rule – Let’s Impose the “Clinton Rule”

I’m getting pretty sick of Conservatives letting the leftist news media industrial complex define narratives for us. So screw the Warren Buffet rule… start talking about the “Clinton Rule”:



In 2000 towards the end of Bill Clinton’s 2nd term, government spending was ABOUT 32.5% of the Gross Domestic Product of our dear blessed nation. Now, in 2012, it’s topping 40%.

If we cut spending by the Obama gap of 7.5% of the GDP, that would be $1,125,000,000,000, or $1.125 trillion which would be a huge chunk of the federal budget. Hardly anyone is actually advocating that much, but this helps portray the ridiculousness of saying that Paul Ryan’s plan or any other GOP budget plans are drastic as compared to past spending.

So why don’t we start demanding of Obama and the democrats why they’re afraid of imposing the Clinton Rule?

Yes, this will inspire many Lewinsky jokes. I don’t care.